What the New Moon Means For You- August 2019

What the New Moon Means For You- August 2019 August 29, 2019

The new moon in Virgo is upon us and below are the messages I’ve channeled for you, organized based on zodiac sign. Read for your sun sign, or include your moon sign and rising sign for a fuller message of guidance from the spirits.

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Stay in the moment and take stock of all that is in your life as of right now. This is a time of planning for you, so thinking ahead is also important, but stay grounded in reality as it is. You will need to set strong boundaries and do some protection work over what you want to manifest in your life. Actively work to repel energies and people and situations that will distract you from the path set before you. Make plans with achievable goals and milestones involved. Practicality is needed. And seriously, do the protection work to ensure that your blessings don’t slip away due to the interference of others.


If you aren’t sure what you need to do next, sit within the quiet, ask for guidance, and expect to receive it. There is a lot of of energy behind all that you do, and this is a time of great growth for you. You’re receiving help from the other realms to make important changes, don’t forget to give and show thanks for their help. Meditation, or at the very least, an open heart and quiet mind are your best friends right now and will get you further than forced action. Don’t neglect these practices.


Preserve your sense of humor, and quick, before the grumpies really set in. You’re taking yourself way too seriously. You don’t have to save the world, you don’t have to do all the things, and a deeper look isn’t actually needed right now. What’s needed is fresh air, fun, laughter, and a break from all the mental activity and deep work you’ve been doing. Check back in with what makes you feel joy and prioritize it into your routine.


Pay special attention to your dreams, because they contain the solutions to much of what is troubling you. In fact there’s a lot of little nudgings, but it seems that you’ve been so distracted you haven’t noticed them, so dreams are taking precedence as the platform for guidance. Don’t give up on solving the issues you’re facing. Just give yourself a break from all that mental chatter, allow yourself to daydream, start or continue a dream journal, and your tenacity will pay off.


Luck is on your side, and your hunches are paying off. You’ve outgrown some of your ways and it’s time to totally bust out of your ruts and get into the joy of new experiences. You may find that you’re having more psychic encounters, or that your intuition is louder and clearer. Trust and jump in. This is a great time to travel or explore areas unfamiliar to you. That rabbit hole that’s looking extra exciting is worth the effort. It’s what your soul needs.


This is the time to consider how you can use your skills, gifts, and talents to be of service to others in a positive way. There is a strong urging to recognize the needs of those around you and give a little more. Consider this reassurance that you won’t come up empty if you make this advice a priority. In fact you may find it advances your own ambitions. There is a mutuality to be aware of here. When you do good for others, you do good for yourself.


Prosperity comes a little easier, but on a flexible time frame. There is reassurance here that the areas where you’ve invested your energies and resources will pay off, and you could see some of it in the very near future. Yet, it’s important to consider what’s been growing within. There are budding dreams that need tending to. Ignoring these or pushing them away because you’re concerned about timing will not serve you. Timing always works itself out. Explore your desires and give them space to grow.


Speak up, speak up, speak up. Yes, you could be misunderstood, and so what? You’re not responsible for the reactions of others. Have the courage to share what’s in your heart (but remember you don’t have to be a dick about it). You’ve put too many arbitrary restrictions on yourself that your throat chakra practically has a mountain within it. Let the truth break it down like water over time. You need to express yourself. Take a breath of courage and do so, so that healing can flow.


Take a risk on something already. You’ve really been playing it much too safe. You can’t build something new if you don’t put yourself out there at all. There’s no guarantees of perfection (people aren’t meant to be perfect) but at least it will bring movement to your life, which will bring some necessary changes. You can create all kinds of beautiful things out or chaos. So buck up and get to it already. No excuses.


Something is coming to a natural end and this is a mystery for you to explore. Pay close attention to your emotions. Pay close attention to how you’re feeling and responding to the show of abundance from others. It’s quite possible that you’re feeling like a fish out of water, and that’s ok- the land has its own lessons to teach. All transitions should be honored. Make sure you’re not giving more than you’re actually comfortable giving. Say no when you need to do so, and claim what yours.


Slow your roll. Take your time. By all means do not rush. Haste is your worst enemy right now. But… at the same time, you should still be making progress, and you should still be moving forward with your life, even if the pace is slow. Caution is needed, and it’s best to let events play out in their own way right now. Trying to rush anything will spoil the lot of it. Relax. All will be well. You can’t make anything happen before it’s time anyway, so you might as well not waste energy stressing about it.


You’re trying to do a lot, and completing tasks is great and all, but connection is way more important than checking things off your list or filling your time with activities. You’ve got a lot of plates in the air and sooner or later they’re going to drop, so make sure it’s not the important relationships that shatter on the floor when it happens. Give extra attention to strengthening your bonds. Tasks can wait. Other people have things to contribute, too, and maybe they’d like to be seen and heard by you. Oh, and don’t forget to finally listen to the spirit guides that’ve been trying to get your attention. Delicate situations require helpful guidance.

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