Full Harvest Moon – September 2019 Channeled Messages

Full Harvest Moon – September 2019 Channeled Messages September 12, 2019

The Harvest Moon in Pisces comes with lessons related to connection, protection, and regeneration. This watery energy may unearth some hidden feelings, and bring to full light issues that were hovering on your periphery. Watch out for illusions and the potential for self-deception by committing to truth.

Full Moon Affirmation

I am deeply connected to my spirit and my intuition flows freely.


I’ve channeled messages for you by zodiac sign, which can be read below. Consider reading for your sun, moon, and rising sign for a fuller picture of what the spirits have to say to you for this full moon.

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Romance is in the air! Lighten your heart, get out and socialize. Try new things, make plans to travel. Enjoy the sweetness of life and good times with those you care about. Don’t shrink away from socializing. Others are hearing you very well right now, better than you might imagine so make use of this to get what you truly want and need. Life has many sweet offerings for you. Don’t second guess these, just enjoy them. In fact, make “enjoyment” your word for this full moon. You deserve to enjoy your life and all its blessings. You’re able to see things much clearer at this time and to remain objective, especially with regard to spiritual matters. There may be important epiphanies that occur. But they can’t occur in a vacuum, so put yourself out there.


One of the key components of magick is patience. You are invited to take time for quiet contemplation and to look deeper at your life, especially the areas that feel problematic to you. Put aside your ego and see beyond your own reflection in the experiences you’re having, so that you can get to the truth. You must take time for a real, hard look. This contemplation is its own form of magick that will bring about the needed changes in your life. Sit with the wise old trees and let them teach you their ways.


Manifestation will come through concentrated ritual. To go deeper and grow, you will have to give yourself to the experience and release your inhibitions. Create sacred space free of distraction and surrender to the current of natural magick in your life. Visions may come. Your intuition is speaking to you about what you need, and providing you with solutions, but it may also benefit you to seek outside counsel if you are having too great a difficulty hearing your own guidance.


This is a time when what has previously been hidden to you may come to light. Call upon the spirit of courage to help you face whatever comes your way. You benefit from being willing to step outside of your comfort zone and embrace mystery in your life. It is OK to not have all the answers, to not have everything figured out. And it is OK to accept the kind of knowing that doesn’t lend itself easily to words. You don’t have to explain the why and the how to people who don’t resonate with the depths of understanding that you’ve reached. Let your own knowing being enough without requiring validation from others.


Ecstasy can be reached in a variety of ways. Do you remember what it is like to feel ecstatic? The overwhelming YES resounding in every cell of your body, from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. This must be nurtured within you. Give time to activities that support this feeling. Release your belief that you have to put duty to others above all else, and give yourself some of that signature generosity. You deserve joy. Allow yourself to let it flow through you and guide you to the right people, places, and experiences.


The storms are almost over. The dreams of yours that have weathered these storms could use a great deal of hope to feed them. Not all bubbles burst, and it’s important you know that. Look for the lesson in the difficulties you face and do all that you can to not take them personally. The universe is not out to get you. Nothing is. You can put your energies into attraction magick to great success at this time, to help you fulfill your dreams and manifest your desires despite any setbacks you may have faced.


Protection is strong around you. You can harness the wild energy of this moon to channel your will toward your dreams and desires. You may feel a strong pull to let go and relax. There’s really nothing wrong with doing this. What you’re working for and toward will still be viable if you allow yourself space to dream. It is important that you not get swept up in illusions, though. Be clear about reality and cut through any deception with the sword of truth. Whatever you aim to do, your ancestors are showing their support for you.


Gifts come in many forms. Sometimes they even come in the form of something we don’t want, such as hardships and difficulties. Usually these kinds of gifts reveal something new to us about ourselves, and that’s one kind of gift you may receive during this full moon. A new talent may be discovered, or you may experience strength you never knew you had. There is grace for you, whatever you may be facing. There is help on the way, help available to you. Remember to ask for it when you need it.


If you’re currently not in a relationship you may find a new love at this time. If you are in a relationship, it is likely to be harmonious, with the energy of this moon bringing you closer together. Be available for and emotionally generous with your loved ones. You may receive praise and recognition for your efforts. All good relationships include mutual acts of service. Consider how you can grow yours with thoughtfulness in action.


Growth and abundance are yours! You’re likely to see returns on your energetic investments, and the time you’ve put in to the different areas of your life bearing fruit. You may even see an upswing in monetary gains. This comes through your commitment to acting from your own truth and being open to receive. Remember that you are worthy of all these good things. Keep an attitude of expectant gratitude and watch the blessings continue to pour in. Plant magick is especially beneficial for you, so consider including these spirits in your endeavors, such as getting a money tree that you nurture and care for in your home.


The transitory nature of life is especially apparent to you as you consider what can be counted on in your own. Wisdom with compassion should be applied to every situation you face. It is OK to not give an answer to others right away, and to retreat and think things over. Take your time. Everything has its season. Make sure you are in alignment with the season you are in. Be guided by something higher than desire, deeper than the illusions this society has to offer. Purpose is made, not found. You may need to release something you’ve held as tradition, whether an action or belief, that no longer serves you.


Self-reflection and honesty serve you well. You’re very adaptable to situations you experience at this time, but it is worth considering whether or not these situations need to adapt to you instead. If you don’t feel good around certain people or in certain places, speak up about it. Be clear about what you feel. Nothing can change if you’re hiding the truth. Be willing to value yourself enough to listen to your body and your emotions and adapt your outer life to what your inner self is telling you. You can make big, positive changes for yourself by doing so.

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