Zodiac Readings for the New Moon in Libra- September 2019

Zodiac Readings for the New Moon in Libra- September 2019 September 27, 2019

We’ve officially entered the liminal time of year, with Autumn upon us. In the past I used to refer to this as the time when the veil thins, but truthfully the veil is always thin. This is simply a time when it’s easier to cross the hedge between worlds, and it lasts well through the winter holidays.

The Libra season began on the autumnal equinox when day and night are equally balanced, and the energy of Libra brings a reckoning where imbalance lies. The September new moon occurs in the sign of Libra, and the energy of this sign permeates the messages I’ve channeled for you below.

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It’s time to move forward, onto bigger and better things. The way is open for you. You easily attract all that you need, and can operate with the faith that what is yours will come to you, what is meant for you will not bypass you. Shore up your self-confidence and be bold. Rely on your sharp intuition. Relax your grip on what you’re trying to manifest and step lightly so that it becomes your reality. A new, or renewed faith in yourself is needed. Work some attraction magick to make this even easier. Doors are open, but you must walk through them.


Sacred mysteries are calling to you. This is a period of soulful initiation. You may feel down for the count, but you are moments away from breakthrough. Hit the pause button on your struggle and observe. Why does it seem so difficult? What inner virtues can you apply to the situation that you haven’t already? No need to fight with one hand tied behind your back. There’s wisdom to be gained, and an entirely new way of being in and relating to the world is on the verge of manifesting for you. Breakdown is about to lead to breakthrough, and the process is sanctified for you. Don’t resist. Let what was fall away, and embrace who you are now.


Your soul ordered a shakeup and the powers that be are delivering. Time to take a look at your real motives behind your choices, goals, and ambitions. All that we do serves someone, even if it’s just ourselves. But if it’s really all about you, that’s not going to cut it. Some shadow work may crop up and demand attention and resolution. Resist the urge to look back for “better times that once were.” Where you’re headed is going to require something new from you. Think versatile, because it’s what you’ll need to be. Think original, because what you bring to the table needs to truly come from you to be successful.


Something new is coming into being in your life, and it’s taking time, so be patient. This is a time of preparation for you, where reserving your energies will benefit you. Change is occurring, and you’re about to embark on a new adventure in your life. When the time comes, you need to be ready. Tie up loose ends, ensure that the cords that need to be cut have been, and then breathe, relax, receive, and proceed.


Any form of deception will not do. A glaring realization of truth is coming your way. This is not the time to play along with anyone’s self-delusion. This is not the time for making impulsive decisions or purchases. You will not be easily seduced by falsehoods, however, if you have been deceived recently it’s all going to come to light. Any areas of muddled thinking will begin to run clear. Epiphanies are likely. Look deeper, see what is hiding underneath. If you’ve been the one carrying on a falsehood, it will soon be exposed. Better to clear it up and take responsibility before it’s entirely out of control, especially if you value the relationships with those who have been deceived.


A tempestuous temper and gloomy attitude may feel especially appealing. There could be the notion of feeling limited or trapped, but the self-pity this encourages is the real handicap. You need to remember how resourceful you are, how inventive, how adaptable. You have more going for you than you may be focusing on. It’s OK to admit failure, but unnecessary to personalize and internalize it. You can always change direction. No situation has the last word on you. Pull it together and make that lemonade.


Well hello, it’s your time, and it’s filled with blessings. All you have to do is open up and receive them. If you’re not sure how, an affirmation of your openness with belief and conviction is a great place to begin. You have a solid foundation to build upon, and your cup is filling to overflow, if you allow it. Bring on the goodness by meeting life with gratitude. Begin making moves for yourself.


Growth in relationships is occurring. A steadfast commitment to self-love is amplified and supported. People in your life value you. Open your eyes to how much you are loved. There could be a new romance or the reigniting of a dwindling flame. This is the kind of love that brings healing and change. Listen to the wisdom of your friends, they have your best interests at heart. You are being truly seen and loved just as you are. This gift allows you to flourish. Enjoy the good feels and don’t overthink it.


Listen to your community. Some need your support, some are offering you theirs. Establishing a social ritual such as a weekly dinner with friends is going to enhance your life. You need to step outside the rut of “this is what I do every day.” Create a new dynamic. Allow yourself to let loose with some fun people. Sporadic outings aren’t going to cut it. You need something you can count on and look forward to, so make it happen.


If you could say anything about your life and your experiences without anyone knowing who you are, what would you say? Sometimes wearing a mask, being anonymous, gives us the freedom to tell our truths. But you don’t need to fear being seen for who you are. The clarity that you need for the vision for your life is enhanced when you don’t hide from yourself. Others may see things in you that you have difficulty seeing for yourself. When you set down the mantle of duty, what you desire truly will make itself known. Tap into your power by setting yourself free from what you think you should be or do.


You’re going to have to slow down if you want real connection. If you don’t make the time for it, or recognize it when it’s right in front of you, you’ll miss it by virtue of speed and blindness. You can’t rush or force connection, either. Bonds take time and effort and presence to form and become solid. One of the benefits of slowing down is that it becomes easier to truly listen. If you aren’t hearing then you aren’t knowing, and if you aren’t knowing, you aren’t connecting. Make time for those you want to connect with, and be patient. All the moments together will add up to a lifetime of friendship and love.


The powers that be are giving with both hands. A little sprinkling of faery dust is bringing magic into your life with grace and good fortune. Help you didn’t know you needed or just didn’t think to ask for may appear. Sudden good luck may occur. Your psychic and spiritual gifts may grow in leaps or bounds. Watch for synchronicities. Pay forward that good fortune to keep the blessings flowing. A random act of kindness is a great way to express gratitude for all the goodness raining down on you.

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