True Magic by Cyndi Brannen- A Review

True Magic by Cyndi Brannen- A Review October 10, 2019

Seven years ago was the start of critical life changes for me, when I was (unbeknownst to me- I didn’t actually realize what I was signing up for) entering into the sacred work of ancestral healing and shadow work. I got divorced, found a fantastic apartment, and I began the coursework from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. It was a rigorous commitment and in the middle of it I became very ill. The illness persisted for well over six months, prompting dire weight loss, and autoimmune responses that I still deal with today though the illness is gone. This illness brought about significant and permanent life changes, but the catalyst for all of these changes and my deep descent into shadow work and ancestral healing was beginning the work of the Artist’s Way.

At the beginning of this year, seven years later, I determined that I needed to breathe new life into my magickal practice, create a firmer daily foundation for my workings, and incorporate more magick into my daily life. Another time of critical changes was upon me, but this time I was more aware of it and knew what I needed to guide me.

As so often happens, what I needed found its way to me, this time in the form of the Sacred Seven Course by Cyndi Brannen. Cyndi has been an invaluable teacher to me and many others. Her book, True Magic, is the companion book to the Sacred Seven Course, and it contains the map to change your life as a magickal practitioner.

You can expect that as you read True Magic and put into practice the meditations, spells, and rituals within this book, a radical shift will begin to take place in your life. You will experience shakeups. You will experience loss. You will also experience profound gain. What’s inauthentic to you will be stripped away so that what is true for you can take its place. These changes will likely effect every area of your life.

True Magic is about stepping into your sovereignty and fully wielding your power to bring about real change in your life. It delivers, and it delivers best when you do the workings contained in the book. After all, witchcraft is a practice first and foremost.

I’m a seasoned witch. I’ve been practicing witchcraft for a long time (my whole life) and Cyndi’s work is next level, but also still very accessible if you’re new to the path. One thing I absolutely love about this book is that it’s actually, truly about magick, and not religion. It’s difficult to find witchcraft books that aren’t steeped in the beliefs of Wicca or centered around deities. It’s also difficult to find books on witchcraft that aren’t entirely derivative. Cyndi’s approach is spiritual and psychological, without dogma, unique, and applicable regardless of your religious preferences. The workings within True Magic pull from many systems, but are also fresh. I was pleased to truly learn new things, and to grow as a witch.

If you’re new to witchcraft and wondering where to start, True Magic will guide you in creating an effective magickal practice, helping you to gain confidence as you stand in your power. You’ll learn about working with plant, stone, and animal spirits. You’ll learn about planetary magick. You’ll learn how to make things such as incense and oils. You’ll learn candle magick, and truly much more.

If you’re a seasoned witch looking to spice up your craft or break out of a rut, True Magic delivers by providing a new approach, a unique perspective, inspiration, exercises that catalyze change, and most likely some new to you techniques and information to help you grow.

True Magic is an excellent resource and should be in every witch’s library. It will be available to purchase in November of this year, and you can preorder your copy on Amazon here.

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