October 13, 2019

I’ve been keeping my keys, speaking my truth, and taking up space here on Patheos Pagan for two years now. This has been a wild broom ride that all began with Hekate insisting that I answer this call. She whispered to me, “take my hand and we’ll make it, I swear.” Her hand offered me the keys of this amazing journey. Now when the Mother speaks through rock n’ roll, I heed her words. If there is one thing I’ve learned since starting this venture, it is this is 100% true. Along the way, I’ve offered my hand, through my words, to many of you.  Read more

October 12, 2019

The witch possesses the power to transform what is foul into beauty, and what is fair into ugliness. This is healing of ourselves and others, but it’s also been perceived as illusion and trickery, rendering us suspect by those who can’t control us. Here in our modern evolving of the meaning of witchcraft, denying the power of deception we inherently possess renders us susceptible to those who would still imprison us. In particular, those that deny the rightful place of deception in witchcraft are deceiving themselves. Read more

October 4, 2019

Transformative witchcraft includes personal, spiritual and magickal practices that take us deeper, pull us higher and expand our understanding. The Witches’ Hour of Power is about intentionally creating space each day to do whatever it is speaks truth to you. If you want to know how to radically change your life through witchcraft, read on. Even if you’re super short of time, becoming more self aware by answering three simple questions can help you stand in your own unique power.  Read more

September 23, 2019

Do you hear their call? The night wandering spirits of the Witch Mother’s horde beckon me this time of year, as does she, calling me to dance with them. The spirits of the land join with the fallen leaves, celebrating the season of letting go. As the leaves release the tree, so do I cast off what binds. Finding freedom in shedding a form that no longer serves us. The Dance of Bones, where all is reduced to the soul and the entrapments of the material world removed is nigh.  Read more

September 12, 2019

We are all actors performing the chapters of our lives. Some of us engage in this drama eagerly, sharing a great deal of what occurs on our social media, and freely discussing even the most intimate details with anyone within earshot. While appropriate self disclosure can be quite beneficial, it becomes problematic when all this exposure is an attempt for others’ approval. There’s all the world of difference from being the star of your own show and letting others’ approval become an addiction. Read more

September 4, 2019

Self love is so much more than taking a magical bath or buying a new crystal. It’s the ongoing process of practicing putting ourselves first in our lives. That’s truly magical. Read more

August 25, 2019

We are in the midst of an unprecedented transformation in witchcraft, where we have the freedom to claim the title for ourselves and openly discuss our practices. While all of us involved in this personal and societal revolution may have a common bond in calling ourselves witches openly, there are lingering dangers in making assumptions about those with us on this wild broom ride. In particular, assuming familiarity, such as by calling complete strangers things like “brother” and “lady,” and the still-with-us belief that only women can be witches, causes damage to those whom with we wish to have kinship and to ourselves. Read more

August 16, 2019

Firewalking truth weaving witches go deeper, own their problems, accept responsibility, and do the necessary work to claim their power. On the other hand, those Desperately Seeking Magic want someone else to do this all for them, usually for free. Read more

August 9, 2019

You may be wondering what epithets are. I considered calling this article, “WTF are epithets and why you need to use them in witchcraft” because I really do feel that epithetical practice is a key for deepening our spiritual practice and ramping up our magick. However, it can be off-putting if you’re new to using them. I can’t even remember how I got started using Hekatean epithets, and I can’t imagine practicing witchcraft without them. They are potent evokers, connected to deep forces, and excellent for expanding my understanding. Epithets can be used to craft wicked spells and expand consciousness.  Words are power to the witch. They evoke certain energies and spirits, carrying with them a trail of magic. Summoning characteristics that are associated with archetypal aspects of animals and other creatures are common practices in a variety of cultures and traditions. Sometimes, this is accomplished through taking on the physical appearance of the creature, like in the image. However, the words themselves – like “fierce” or “strong” – can also summon such powers. Salty, seductive, mysterious and dangerous. This is how I experience Hekate Einalia, Goddess of the Sea, one of my personal power epithets for my favored goddess. Epithets are words used to describe aspects of a person, spirit of deity that can be used for personal, spiritual and magical practice. These descriptive terms are thought forms, containing great power through their connection to the energy associated with them. In Modern Hekatean Witchcraft, epithets are used to evoke and invoke specific aspects of Hekate, spirits and forces. For personal practice, epithets can be used to enhance existing abilities and characteristics through intentionally summoning the energy of the characteristics.  Epithetical spiritual practices include chanting certain ones to connect to their energetic signatures and using them in ritual. In magical practice, these words are woven into spells and other witchery to cast their power into our intentions. Epithets are concise descriptors of attributes and powers associated with Hekate, such as when I determined that, in 21st century vocabulary, she is a Goddess of Relationships.  Read more

August 1, 2019

Pharmakeia is the ancient practice of plant medicine/magic descended from Hekate’s Ancient Witches. Working with the materia medica helps us break down the illusion of separation – that there is a divide between the spiritual and corporeal. In this short intro to practicing pharmakeia, I talk about the historical and spiritual Hekate’s Garden, the magick and mystery of botanicals, and ways to reconnect with the green world. Read more

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