The Keys and The Path: Beginning Spiritual Witchcraft

The Keys and The Path: Beginning Spiritual Witchcraft May 28, 2020

Whether or not you are an absolute beginner, just getting started with witchcraft, or an experienced magical being, we are always starting anew on this journey of ours. While the journeys are often diverse, they are all on The Path, the awakening of the soul to the magic, medicine and mystery of ourselves and the deeper world. These are the keys we seek, and there are many we claim along the way. The question I am often asked is, “how”? As in, “how do I get started with the sort of spiritual witchcraft you teach?” 

Consider this journey of spiritual witchcraft one where there are always many gates to be open, and many keys to be acquired. Whether you are just starting out on the journey, or you’re deepening your path, there are always crossroads to experience. There is the crossroads where the keys abide. It is our choice which ones we claim and keep, what ones are discarded, and so on. The path of spiritual witchcraft is an eternal evolution of becoming. Each journey is unique

What I have to say to you if you are an absolute beginner on The Path is that you are absolutely brave to embark on this journey of yours. Making the choice to understand yourself and the mysteries of the unseen world is a radical act of courage. Well done. Now, let’s talk about some things that will help you along your way.


Building a Solid Spiritual Foundation

When we are experiencing the powerful awakening, it is natural to want to rush ahead. There is this deep knowing that we have this power to manifest our healing and prosperity. Yet if we hurdle forward, we are bound to fail. The foundation must be strong. The house cannot stand without a solid base.


There is No Such Thing as Mundane

The breaking down of the illusion of separation. There is no such thing as mundane. The Goddess is within us. How overwhelming this was for me to hear as a beginner thirty years ago. Nevertheless, it is 100% true. As a beginner, your quest is to dismantle this illusion. Step by step, spell by spell, ritual by ritual. And there is no other way to accomplish this besides leaning into the spirit world, and this can only be achieved through disciplined practice of entering the sacred flow.

The River of the Deeper World

Meditation, contemplation, trance are the ways we intentionally enter into this flow that is the river which leads to the deeper world. If you are new to this understanding, enter gently. Start with guided meditations and build up to the psychedelics.

I must say that the final year before all my super-manifesting I spent in diligent Tibetan meditation. Every morning and evening, I sat on this rather overly colorful rag mat in my bedroom, staring at the edge of my nightstand. To be clear: this was not easy.

I’m a stereotypical Gemini in many ways. I used to have a serious avoidance of the absolute stillness that I now need daily. It is my daily dose. My hour of power. The stillness abides and I awaken. What you need to know is that this didn’t happen overnight. You can claim your place beside me on the sitting mat, basking in the stillness. Just don’t get too close. I will always need my space.

Know Yourself

This leads to my next point: the only rule that matters on The Path is to know yourself. This is the active pursuit of awakening through intuition, connection to the spirit world, and learning from others. This is accomplished through what is called in Keeping Her Keys “Animara” – all the sacred acts we do, from meditation to ceremony. That is to say, the ones that stretch beyond performance into an altering of our regular consciousness. Because that is where the magick, medicine and mystery abide. It is unique for each of us, it is beautiful beyond measure, and it is waiting for you.

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Stay true. Rise strong. Keep your own keys.

Deep Blessings,



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