The Witches’ Hour Of Power, Plus The Three Necessary Questions For Staying In Your Magic

The Witches’ Hour Of Power, Plus The Three Necessary Questions For Staying In Your Magic October 4, 2019

Transformative witchcraft includes personal, spiritual and magickal practices that take us deeper, pull us higher and expand our understanding. The Witches’ Hour of Power is about intentionally creating space each day to do whatever speaks truth to you. If you want to know how to radically change your life through witchcraft, read on. Even if you’re super short of time, becoming more self aware by answering three simple questions can help you stand in your own unique power. 

If talking to your crow familiar is how you find your power, then do it more often. Giving up ways that we think are right in favor of the ones that speak truth to us is part of The Witches’ Hour of Power.

The Power Of Witchcraft

Do you want to know the secret of witchcraft that works? It’s work. Straight up, witches. This Queen of Swords is here to tell you the truth. Magic, on the other hand, simply happens. We light the candle and the miracle occurs. Miracles are not witchcraft. They are spontaneous moments of receiving the favor of the Hekate, the universe or whatever sort of divine source works for you.

Magick = effort + focus + connection + flow.

Witchcraft = work + wisdom + will.

The radical part is claiming our power, and our right to living an abundant life. That’s magick. It’s high time we witches got over our collective post-Christian hangover that we deserve less than we are worth. The Witches’ Hour of Power is a radical act of claiming your time as your own. Begin here and then keep going. I’m only interested in witchcraft that compels me towards my goals. This is what the Hour of Power does.

The Witches’ Hour Of Power

The Witches’ Hour of Power trains our most important tool, our mind, to focus and connect with the deeper world, that includes the divine as we experience it and the spirit world, whether it’s angels or ancestors. Meditation is the training center for our mind. My personal daily practice includes various meditations that I’ve developed, and Sanskrit ones, such as Aad Guray. Meditation is simply choosing to let your thoughts flow in and out without hanging onto them. Guided meditations use imagery to achieve this focus. From the focus we get into the flow, the space where time and thoughts are no longer our primary concerns. The flow zone is where witchcraft abides.

Corporeal practices like cardio work and yoga can also get us into the flow zone. The witch who isn’t embodied is missing out. Dance, shake, clap if you can. If not, simply breath in an intentional way.

Writing, for me, is a sort of trance once all the research is accomplished. Even then, I’ve completely tripped out on ancient texts, time travelling back to the days of ancient Hekatean Witchcraft. Journaling is deep spiritual work where we time travel to our past to retrieve our missing pieces. 

Witchcraft Requires Trance

The deeper we go into the altered consciousness of meditation, the more we get into flow. For me, this extends to trance, the state of release from the chains of the corporeal self. Breathwork in many forms can push us further into the flow. As a pharmaka, a holistic herbal practitioner, my flow is augmented by the use of botanicals. My Hour of Power includes my daily tonic, plus whatever plant spirits I need for the day ahead. Using botanicals to achieve desired states is taking their magic to make magick. The difference between a miracle occurring after we light a candle and casting a spell that works.

Don’t Get Freaked Out If You’re Not A Super Trancer

Deprivation tanks, ice baths, hot yoga and even sitting in stillness are immensely intimating. Don’t get freaked out if you aren’t into those things. The Witches’ Hour of Power is about getting into flow. There are many ways to get into the flow portal even if you’re not a fellow microdoser. Just to be clear, the secret of my productivity, about which so many of you ask, is that I use these techniques every day. However, I also incorporate milder practices into my Hour of Power, such as journaling, doing daily psychic work (like pulling a couple of cards) and doing self check-ins. Flow is a beautiful continuum that we can access through these things. Practicing daily summoning of forces, like the elements gets you in the magick.

The Hour Is Not An Hour

First, a bit of snark: if you’re resistant to the idea of dedicating an hour everyday to personal, spiritual and magickal development, then you need to do at least two full hours. If you’re still with me, you need to know the hour is not an hour. If you’ve got five minutes, summon some magick from your coffee cup. Set your intentions for the day. Claim it as yours.

You’re Probably Already Doing An Hour

Do an inventory of all the personal, spiritual and magickal things you already do every day. Meditation, spellwork, journaling, devotional practices to your deities, and even choosing to be kind when you really want to do violence are all part of the Witches’ Hour of Power. If you’re completely new to this mindful approach to witchcraft, start with that inventory.

Aren’t You Worth It?

The seductive power of modern distractions, from Facebook to Netflix, keeps us from manifesting our true magic. These things are designed to take our money and our minds. Limiting exposure to such things draws us back into our power. If the children and the familiars are sucking up all your time, keep in mind that the better we take care of ourselves, the better they become.

The Power Of The Witches’ Hour: Staying In Your Magic

Our unique magic is whatever speaks truth to us, whether it’s playing the guitar or building gingerbread houses. When we do the things we love, we experience flow. Our monkey mind shuts up, the shadow sits down, and all is well in the world, if only for a short time. The Witches’ Hour of Power is about doing these things in an intentional way. I’ve got creating a talisman for my new book scheduled for Monday, and I can’t wait. I crave this form of spellcraft. It is how I get back into my magic.


Are Your Listening To Your Soul Or Your Shadow?

Life is life. Full of struggles. Our thoughts lie to us. Our bodies betray our weird ideas about being perfect. People let us down. The past. Well, the past, is best left exactly where it is BEHIND US. As for the future, all we can do is hustle towards our dreams with grace and grit. The rest is in the hands of the universe/Hekate (no diff, really).

Practicing the Witches’ Hour of Power opens the truth within, revealing our soul code and hushing up that shadow of ours. Of course, the Hour of Power usually involves periods of intense shadow work. Feeling, dealing and healing. Shifting from shadow to soul, lets us be here now. When we are in the moment, we are in flow. If you don’t know what is going on with us in the present, we are living in the past and/or hyper attached to the future. There’s no magic or magick in that, and it’s incredibly disempowering. Stop giving away all that power and reclaim yourself through intentional daily practice that speaks truth to you.

Three Simple Questions To Get You Back In Your Magic

Still not convinced you can carve out an entire hour? Do what you can, and then do just a bit more. One of the most powerful practices is to become more self aware. It’ll put you into the moment, opening the path to flow. The key to the path of true magic is through reclaiming our powerful truth. While our Great Work of this incarnation is important, we’ll never be able to achieve it if we don’t know what is going on within ourselves in the moment. To get into the magic of the present, ask yourself: what is my mood, where is power, and what do I need in this hour? (If you’re curious, see my answers below.)

So…answer me those three questions, and be in this moment with me.

Stand in your power, witch.


Read Vincent’s article about his transformation through the Witches’ Hour of Power, entitled “Spiral Out; Keep Going.”

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Cyndi Brannen, PhD, is a teacher and author focusing on personal development, spirituality and true magic. She is an energetic healer, psychic, herbalist, spiritual coach and mentor. Founder of the Keeping Her Keys Mystery School, she teaches and writes about the true magic of healing and personal power. The bestselling Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft explores Hekate from her ancient origins to our modern understanding through magic and personal development. True Magic: Unleashing Your Inner Witch, based on the sacred seven principles, is now available. You can read more about the author here.
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