The Triple Moon Goddesses Ritual For Justice

The Triple Moon Goddesses Ritual For Justice June 4, 2020

Hekate, Artemis and Persephone are fierce goddesses whose power is deeply connected to the moon. They are strongly associated with the marginalized, of righting wrongs, of exacting vengeance, and of liberation.

This ritual was inspired by an ancient curse tablet.

May this ritual be true, and its impacts strong.

You need either one fresh candle or three. White is the optimal color since it can transmit all energies.

You can create an altar of the Triple Goddesses however you feel led.

Summoning the Triple Goddesses For Justice

I call out to the goddesses I know best for their intervention. My relationship with these three goddesses goes back decades.

Hekate, Artemis and Persephone are the closest of companions, as evidenced in the many historical citations linking them. Just to be clear, this is Persephone not Kore. In our modern understanding we typically limit Persephone to her youthful self known as Kore. This is Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. Across millennia they have been viewed as the three faces of the moon reflecting the three faces of the goddess:

Artemis: youth, freedom, hunting.

Persephone: the sovereign queen in her prime, fierce yet just.

Hekate: the wise crone, she who governs all.

In the following ritual, ancient titles, known as epithets, shared by all three goddesses are used to summon them:

Anassa: Queen, Empress. An honorific title.

Dea: Goddess (plural: Deae, say “day-ah” for plural or singular).

Brimo: fierce, raging one. (Bree-mo)

Rixipyle: breaker of chains. (Ricks-a-peel-ay)

Enodia: she who governs the way/road/journey. (Eh-no-dee-ah)

Lampadios: Torchbearer, she who lights the way.(Lam-pa-dee-os)

Plant and Stone Medicine

The plant spirits for the ritual that can be burnt as incense/offering: bay laurel and fennel. Garlic is excellent to have on the altar as offering and to strengthen this ritual. You can burn garlic skins in the incense.

The Brimo Oil and Rixipyle Tincture can be quickly made and used right away for this ritual.

Stone spirits: black stones, in particular obsidian, jet and jasper, for protection, assertiveness and courage. Fluorite can be added to give the ritual more energy, enhance communication, and general empowerment.


You can create a binding talisman using a picture of the target. Learn how here.

You can create a blessing bowl to place bay laurel and other herbs in. Learn how here.

Ritual Protocol

Begin with the Animarum Nyssa (Unifying the Three Selves Meditation).


Within Keeping Her Keys, we follow a very specific protocol of banishing unwanted energies and the creation of a protective circle through the sacred flame. You can watch this video for a demonstration.

Although there are many ways to banish and protect, I recommend a salt circle or at the very least a dish of salt at your feet to trap the unwanted and protect during the summoning. Calling forth Hekate, Artemis and Persephone in their most fierce aspects creates a schism in the immediate environment. If your ritual space is not well protected, this could potentially result in some disarray afterwards. The salt will also keep you grounded. It is imperative that you do the recommended meditation beforehand.

The Ritual

Stand in front of the altar, preferably with bare feet and arms. Allow your tethering roots to really anchor you to the earth beneath you. Summoning the goddesses in this way is potent, start well tethered and all will be well.

When you are ready, raise both arms above your head and say:

Hecate, Persephone, Artemis, tail-eating serpent queens, the triple moon goddesses who govern land, sea and sky, eradicators of evil and divine liberators. 

Light the first/only candle.

Hecate, she who reigns over the crossroads and is the soul of the universe.

Clap loudly with hands facing outward at heart center.

Light the second candle, or wave left hand over the lit candle.

Persephone, benevolent queen of the underworld who brings healing through destruction.

Clap loudly with hands facing down at the root center, below navel but above inseam.

Light the third candle, or wave right hand over the lit candle.

Artemis, fierce wild huntress who ruthlessly seeks out the wicked.

Clap loudly above the head, arms fully extended.

Relax arms.

PAUSE to welcome them. Make an offering if you are so inclined.

Left arm up, right arm down, with a sweeping motion.

Brimo Anassas, I summon you eternal restorers of justice, protectors of the marginalized. 

Switch arm positions, then say:

Deae Rixipyle, Fierce raging goddesses, I implore you.

Clasped hands at heart center (in a binding motion):

Bind those who spew hate and violence unto themselves.

No more shall they cause harm.

(Optional: wrap black string around an image of the target in a clockwise direction and then knot tightly. Place on altar. Bury or wrap in black cloth immediately upon completion of ritual.)

Arms open wide:

Soteira, Restore the freedom and sovereignty of those victimized by hatred. 

Break the chains that bind, and restore their freedom.

Enodia, I adjure you to clear the road for the liberated. 

(Optional: place bay laurel, fennel and other herbs of liberation and healing in a bowl.)

Left arm up, right arm down, with a sweeping motion:

Lampadios, Shine your torches upon their way, burn away all that blocks,
I place the offenders with you, submitting them for your punishments, penalties, and vengeance. 

Switch arm positions, then say:

May your justice be swift to the guilty.
May your liberation be immediate to the suffering.

Both arms above head:

Hekate, Artemis, Persephone, tail-eating serpent queens, the triple moon, the goddesses of land, sea and sky, eradicators of evil and divine liberators, I claim my power as a restorer of justice.

Hail Hekate.
Hail Artemis.
Hail Persephone.

Relax arms, sit down.

Observe 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence while you remain in their presence, honoring the dead, spreading the justice they bring to you, releasing binding chains, and sending healing. Stay with images that come to you, they are the signs of where you need to send the energy.

Thank you mighty goddesses, tail-eating serpent queens who rule over land, sea and sky. In your names, justice is brought forth.

Take several breaths to come back into your regular consciousness. Pull up your tethers.

Light the candle(s) daily, reciting the petition.

This energy of this ritual runs through this article. May justice be restored to all connected with my words here on Patheos.

Find ways to help:

Anti-racism resources:*c2GvMjdl95aaiNOeJ212BQ

With gratitude to the members of Keeping Her Keys for their help in developing this ritual, which began with a spontaneous one for courage and clarity last Sunday evening. I am especially grateful to the BIPOC members for their guidance.

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Deep Blessings,



You can find the ancient curse here:

Magic, Witchcraft, and Ghosts in the Greek and Roman Worlds: A Sourcebook

Book by Daniel Ogden (2002)

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