Wild One, Rage On

Wild One, Rage On April 8, 2020

There is a rage that is rising among us, roaring against the confinement, the ineptitude of leaders, the uncertainty of the future, and the very real risks to our health and that of our loved ones. Rage in the time of COVID-19 is not to be denied. And it’s a call from our sacred wild souls to break free of the chains that bind us. Listen to this goddess within to use your rage to light your way. This is your intuition telling you that it is right to be angry.


Raging Releases The Chains That Bind

A couple of weeks ago, I had a bout of pure unfiltered rage at this pandemic. My world was tilting out of control. I felt wrapped in chains. Helpless. The stress of it all had reached a boiling point.

I’ve been talking to women who are saying the same thing: we are incredibly angry at this situation. A lack of control typically leads to anger, especially for those of us who have experienced similar upheavals in the past. Paradoxically, our soul knows that all will be well, that we have everything we need to rise strong in the face of adversity. There’s the other part that screams against yet another crisis. Not again. This is the last thing I needed. You know what I’m talking about.

The wild woman’s soul is sacred. It is her power source, her personal river that leads to her goddess. This isn’t chaos, it is the natural order of life for those of us who are the wild ones. The healers, the survivors, the rebels. Those who resist, persist and always show up in their own lives. Our rage breaks the chains that bind.

Wild Woman, Rage On

We know of being confined because we’ve been told so many times to stop taking up space. That we are too much. Too wild, and not in the true way of remembering that we are much more than the narrow minded who seek to tame us. We have fought long and hard to get back to who we already were. Now we find ourselves in the time of COVID-19.

The Sharp Blade That Opens Our Raging Soul

We’ve already been through so much, though. Here we are again. At the crossroads where we can’t go back to what was, even though we are unclear as it what is to come. Such times in our lives are spiritual tipping points. A sharp blade cleaves our neatly arranged countenance, opening a fault line within that plunges us towards our own sacred wildness. Such moments can be very private, like a break up, a job loss or another form of betrayal. They say we are crazy, hysterical and otherwise deranged. No. What we are is angry.

The Way Back To Our Sacred Soul Is Always Dark And Dangerous

They can also happen due to massive changes on the grand scale. Certainly, this pandemic is such an event. Regardless of their origin, their impact is often the same. Once the chasm opens up, it leads only to our true nature. This is the homecoming to your sacred wild soul, where only truth abides. The way to the soul is always dark and dangerous.

Rage Is A Torch Light Back To The Soul

Rage is often what swirls within us as we work our way back home to our truth. Anger that’s been pent up for decades. Every time we were told that it wasn’t “nice” to express our rage, no matter how seriously we were hurt. This anger needs to be felt. It is legitimately ours to bear. Rage in the time of COVID-19 is not to be denied.

Anger Is Part Of The Grief Of What Is Lost And The Opening Of The Way Back

We are all grieving right now, especially those of us who are deeply attuned to the energy of the universe and others. Undoubtedly, all the changes we are dealing caused by the pandemic can lead to a variety of emotions associated with the grieving process. As with all grief, the soul calls us deep into her sacred wildness. It is in this place of our truth where we drink from the sacred well that gets us through the unthinkable.

Anger Is Necessary For Awakening

This is a time of heightened awakening. We are being called back home by our wild souls, who remember that we are so much more than what we were told we had to be. Part of this remembering process is that we travel through the stages of grieving what we’ve lost, even if we’re happy to see it go. These stages are the components of awakening. We mourn what is lost, as we become all that we are meant to be.

Grieving And Awakening Are Not A Quick Climb Up A Straight Staircase

The stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance and finding meaning. They are not steps that we quickly hop up in ascending order. On the contrary, we get stuck in one stage and loop back on others. At times, we work through them all in a lightning round.

First Avoidance, Then The Anger

This is the numbing, the protection of the adrenaline when we are in the beginning stages of crisis. What gets us through walking away from an abuser or burying a loved one. Avoidance is when this initial positive coping strategy gets extended to all unpleasant stimuli. We don’t want to deal with confronting a troublesome coworker or wrangling an out-of-control child. Maybe we even avoid, for no good reason, answering when the phone rings. Everything becomes too much to bear. Waking up to our avoidance inevitably leads to feelings of rage. We realize that we’ve been betrayed, robbed or otherwise injured. It sucks out loud.

This Will Not Destroy Us

What comes with moving out of avoidance, in addition to the obligatory anger, is an awareness that this pain will not destroy us. That is the sacred wildness within speaking, telling us that we are so, so much more than any devastation.

Rage Can Be Fuel For The Truth

Anger is the next stage of this grieving for losing the false self, and it is also the sign of deeper awakening. The rage is progress. It is fuel for truth.

All Our Emotions Are Valid And Valuable

What is important to know is that anger is part of awakening, especially if you have denied your frustrations and rage in the past. Here’s the thing: all emotions are valid. When we avoid certain ones that are uncomfortable for us, or socially unacceptable,  these emotions settle into our bones, causing pain and distress. The emotions have to go somewhere because they are legitimate reactions. When we are reclaiming our sacred wild soul, these emotions, long denied, rise up with us. They ask us to *finally* acknowledge their validity.

Your Emotions Do Not Require Comparison: We All Deserve To Feel Angry

We may be tempted to say that we’ve no right to be angry, perhaps saying that this is because others “have it so much worse than us.” However, the sacred wild soul knows that this sort of comparative suffering is a lie. Our emotions, angry, sad, or otherwise do not diminish what anyone else is experiencing. We are right to rage. The sacred wild soul says to own it all, no matter what “they” may think.


Naming And Claiming This Rage Storm

As a consequence, we typically walk around in a rage storm  for weeks or even months because these emotions are desperate for our attention. This rage storm has a name: Brimo. Associated with those raging, fierce goddesses of ancient times including Hekate and Persephone.

Brimo is she who roars at injustice, hurt and betrayal. She is the sacred wild soul within screaming to be heard. Taking no prisoners, and putting up with no fools. Brimo roars. She breaks free of the chains that bind. This is the sacred wild soul saying, “rage on, goddess, show them what you’re made of.”

Unsurprisingly, those who cling to power over us through their lies, fear this rage of the goddess. Brimo terrifies many. She is within us, learn from her.

No More Nice Girl Routine

It is helpful to realize that while the storm of Brimo rages, you are at the center of it. Allow these emotions to blow and burn without giving them dominion over your mind and actions. This is one of the most important lessons. Contemplate the origin point of these emotions. When were the times you had every right to be righteously pissed, but instead played the “nice girl.” Our sacred wild goddess within is not in the business of allowing us to continue with this nice girl routine. Lean in, learn and celebrate the power of embodying Brimo.

  Hail Hekate Brimo,
  Hail Hekate The Fierce,
  Hail Hekate The Terrifying.
  I honor this sacred rage within me. 
  Like you, it is my companion and guide.
  Hail Hekate, Raging Breaker of Chains,
  Fuel my desire to be free of my own.


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