Trusting Ourselves and Our Goddess: Why Intuition, Visions And Gut Feelings Should Always Be Believed

Trusting Ourselves and Our Goddess: Why Intuition, Visions And Gut Feelings Should Always Be Believed April 21, 2020

Only by establishing trust within can we function from the truth of our soul. When we are recovering from spiritual programming, we can fall into the trap of believing that Hekate, our guides and even the cards are more trustworthy than our own insights. This, of course, is a falsity. Without the trust in our own inner voice there is no true trust in any other.

Listening To Intuition: The Journey of The Sacred Seven

Over ten years ago, while I was sitting in a coffee shop, I had what can only be described as an enormous download of spiritual information. Overwhelmed, I walked around untethered for weeks as I grappled with what was being transmitted. At times, in the following months, I ran away from what is now known as The Sacred Seven. Without The Sacred Seven, there would be no Keeping Her Keys.

The Sacred Seven is a course that turns spiritual growth programs sideways, pouring out their wisdom, and then shakes the container of witchcraft courses upside down until all the magick flows out. I used to struggle with how different it was. The Sacred Seven altar is built upon intuition.

The Sacred Seven, and me, seemed to belong nowhere. The voice within – my sacred intuition – kept telling me to stay with it. That same voice said to start Keeping Her Keys. Hekate only speaks to me through the voice of my soul, which is the intuition.

Suffice to say that me listening to this sacred voice has worked out better than I ever anticipated.

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