The Power of Resilience: Wisdom From Hekate, Persephone and Circe

The Power of Resilience: Wisdom From Hekate, Persephone and Circe March 26, 2020

In times of great upheaval, we can turn to both the deeper world and science for guidance. Our modern science tells us that simple rituals to boost resilience include a daily gratitude practice, certain forms of coping, and daily breathwork. The teachings of Mother Hekate demonstrate that perseverance and resourcefulness will see us through. In particular, the lessons Hekate taught Persephone and Circe provide powerful medicine for increasing our resilience.

The Consuming Nature Of Stress

During these troubled times, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed by everything that is going on, from feelings of social isolation to worries about the future. Then there’s the actual pandemic itself to fret about. With all that’s going on, it is easy to get very stressed. Especially for those of us who are highly sensitive to the emotions of others, whether those we care about or those societal energy waves we pick up, the sheer amplitude of this time can be all-consuming. We must enforce our energetic shields and maintain firm boundaries, lest the toxic ones who thrive on times such as these swallow us whole.

Those Who See The Future

Those of us who are dialed into the deeper world may also experience feelings about what’s to come in the months ahead, such as I wrote about in my annual forecast months ago. You don’t need to be psychic to know that this crisis will last for months. The evidence is everywhere, from social media to our everyday activities. This is a crossroads moment for the entire planet. The way to cope with the demands of the situation right now, and over the long haul, is to tap into our resilience. The first act of resilience is to accept what is happening right now.

The Lessons of Mother Hekate

Hekate shine’s her torches on the way ahead, instructing us to boldly see things are they are and what is to come. Acceptance, not avoidance, is her wisdom shared.  Through the myths of her daughters, including Persephone and Circe, we learn of the medicine of Mother Hekate. They share the resilience of wild goddesses.


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