Boundaries Are Your Personal Magic Circle: Ways to Know and Strengthen Them

Boundaries Are Your Personal Magic Circle: Ways to Know and Strengthen Them August 16, 2018

We can get so easily sucked dry by energy vampires or give up too much of our personal power when our boundaries aren’t firm. These energetic barriers between us and everyone else are our own personal magic circle. Understanding them and the consequences for when they are violated are important skills to develop as a witch.  Since you are engaged in energy work, may be an empath or a psychic, and probably are a healer of some sort, it’s important to have firm barriers so that you don’t get sucked into another’s harmful energy. Think of your boundaries as the forces you call to protect yourself just like when we call the elements to help us casting the circle. 

The #1 thing to know about boundaries is that they are about giving your power away too freely. If you want to have better boundaries, Step #1 is to call all your power back to you. From there, you can explore your own personal policies. This is so easily said, but ridiculously difficult to do if you are an empath or have never had the opportunity to develop healthy boundaries. Envision your power as an extension of you that you can call back to yourself just like when you summon energies in witchery.

I put the tables at the end of the Toxic Witches article just to offer everyone a way to help understand what it often going on when others act horribly. They also are important for understanding our own bad habits that I wrote about in Witches Behaving Badly. They can also help you when witches are engaged in battle, like I wrote about in Witch Wars: A Survival Guide. After you study the tables, I encourage you to contemplate your own in the exercise below.

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