Witches Behaving Badly

Witches Behaving Badly August 3, 2018

I go a bit bonkers whenever I see other witches’ behaving badly, but the real kicker is when I realize that I’m the one who’s fallen off the broomstick or  it’s shoved firmly up my behind. Can you relate?  Here’s my list of 13 behaviors  I’ve been guilty of at least a few times, along with tips for stopping being a badly behaving witch.

#13 Being the Super Serious Witch

If you can’t remember the last time you laughed out loud, you’re doing witchcraft wrong.  Humor is magic, not merely when times are easy but finding a funny in difficult times can be spellbinding. Pull that broomstick out of you-know-where.

Stop: Lighten up, witches! I realize that there is much to be concerned about right now, but there comes a time for fun. Connect with the happy part of your inner child. Blow some bubbles. Laugh until you pee your pants a bit. The next time someone posts a comment that gets under your skin, respond with a funny meme. It’s only life after all.


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