Why Hekate And Her Witches Are Necessary Now More Than Ever

Why Hekate And Her Witches Are Necessary Now More Than Ever November 2, 2019

The Dark Mother offers healing as she guides her witches along their journey. She teaches that witchcraft is the medicine that will make us whole. That is my story, and the one of Hekate’s Witches. It is necessary to stand in our truth in these chaotic times. 

As part of the Keeping Her Keys celebrations in honor of our Dark Mother, I’m sharing the Agape Phoberos Ritual that harnesses the power of Hekate’s benevolent and baneful aspects so that we may understand the light and darkness within ourselves better. In addition, this article is also available in Spanish (as is the ritual).

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Read the Agape Phoberos Ritual here in English or here in Spanish.

Hekate is not a goddess for everyone, but she is absolutely necessary for humanity to survive, just as we, her witches, are. Not those who dabble at sorcery or manifestation, but those of us who go deep into the night to retrieve our souls, and shine the light for others so they, too, can find healing in her dark, wet womb. We are a requirement for this planet, with a vital role to play in maintaining the balance of the world. 

She calls out to those she choses.  She comes to those who seek to understand themselves and the universe, to those who seek wholeness, and for those who hear the whispers of her ancient witches. We speak to the spirits, and guide others through their darkness. We are shadow workers.

We’re at a curious point in western history, when the power structures created in the name of Christianity are crumbling, literally and figuratively, and humanity yearns for a connection to the deeper world.

In these troubling times, it can be difficult to remember that we are her chosen. When the world is in chaos, and our own journey is difficult, remember.

Always remember whose you are.
The Dark Mother’s chosen.
Never broken.
Rising stronger.
Keepers of keys.
Seekers of mystery.
Practitioners of the craft.
Flame throwers.
Shadow walkers.
Dragon tamers.
Banishers of the profane,
Binders of the evil,
Blessers of the true.
Eternal beautiful becomers.

While there are many different ways of understanding Hekate, there is little argument over her status as an ancient, powerful Dark Goddess. She is the night, the shadow, and rebirth. She is also the light that leads us through hell. She is necessary to guide us through these troubling times.



May Hekate’s Torches Light Your Way

In the beginning, there was only the darkness and the fire. Their daughter was the Mother. With her first breath, she created the universe. On her second, she created her chosen, the witches. She gave us the moon to always remind us that she is with us as we pursue the keys, she holds for us, those of mystery, healing and power.

The Moon and The Mother

Like the moon, Hekate has gone through phases. Haven’t we all? Here we are today when her keys are readily available to all those willing to claim them. Hekate has risen, bringing her witches along with her. Keeping her keys, we find truth, power, and kinship.

Read more about Circe, The Original Witch, here. For more about The Queen of Poison, Medea, read this. For a summary of Hekate’s enduring history, click this.

The Leader of the Horde

Yes, she is eternally of the dark. She is a Mistress of the Dead. Leader of the Horde. The Dark Mother.  When Hekate first came to me it wasn’t as a wizened crone as she was so commonly portrayed. Nor was she merely a nefarious goddess to be feared. She was so much more. Everything I read seemed to only glimpse those keys of hers. Over time, I became enthralled with Hekate’s long past. Never had I imagined that I would spend a huge chunk of my time reading ancient texts. I wouldn’t have predicted that my future included learning how to read Greek and Latin. All in the pursuit of fully understanding this ancient goddess. I remain committed to pursuing these keys of mystery and wisdom.


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Stay true. Rise strong. Keep your own keys.

Deep Blessings,


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