Hekate’s Serpent Medicine And The Awakening Of The Inner Snake Goddess

Hekate’s Serpent Medicine And The Awakening Of The Inner Snake Goddess November 8, 2019

Serpents, one of Hekate’s most favored animals, are a sign she sends to bring us deep healing. Serpents poison that which no longer serves us. They awaken our physical being and pull us down from over-activation of the mind. The serpent lies deep within us, it is our soul resting until we are ready. When serpent arrives as a symbol, this is a sign that the time has come for you to unleash the divine snake goddess within.

This article includes references to sexual violence.

Serpent Medicine In The Dream World

I woke up this morning feeling aware, calm and content. “I wonder,” I asked myself as I climbed out of bed. Indeed, getting out of bed was much easier, as was moving. The general stiffness that especially settles in my lower back overnight was much less. I couldn’t recall ever dreaming of snakes before.

Spontaneous Surrender

Last night, I experienced a spontaneous healing through serpent spirits in the dreamtime. The dream started with me wearing a hat of snakes. I was perfectly comfortable with them. My only concern that the unidentified person who was supposed to be taking a picture of me with my serpent crown was not up to the task. Cut to the next dream scene: me sleeping in a nest of snakes. They were all around me, sort of at the various bodily meridians from Traditional Chinese Medicine. One was snuggled right into my crotch. I had no fear of the snakes. I wasn’t even curious about why they were there. Just comfort, acceptance and a vague feeling of complete surrender. You know the thing with complete surrender is that it is where we become our most powerful.

An unidentified person showed up and was asking me about all the snakes. I was nonplussed in my explanation to them. They were not a big deal, although one kept chewing on my hair. I stood up and draped myself in them. I tried to move the one in my crotch, but she wasn’t budging. Again, none of this bothered me. I woke up then, feeling quite content.

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Preparing For Serpent To Appear

For the past few months, I’ve been quite stiff every morning. It settles down once I get moving, but waking up aching all over is not an ideal way to start the day. As though my skin is too tight for my body. I’ve sought various botanical and energetic solutions, but nothing has felt quite right, although using a large roller on my back is helping. I started that earlier this week. Rolling around on the floor with this big hard foam tube underneath me is a bit comical, especially since I caught my hair up in it, ending up in quite a predicament. That being said, my serpent dream is a sign that my floor work is opening the way to healing. My soul stirs. My inner snake goddess is being awakened. The soul and the serpent are one and the same. The skin needs to be shed.

Hekate’s Serpent Medicine

When I was revising the lessons for The Mystai, I received the clear message that I was to build the serpent into Lesson 2 much more overtly than it had been. Hekate’s serpents are powerful harbingers of Upper World energy: mysticism, the mind and being in the universal flow. They are healers of our harmful thoughts. They can poison these dysfunctional ways of seeing ourselves and others, revealing the truth. I call forth the energy of her serpents to activate my own divine one within.

Sexual Trauma And Shutting Down Our Serpent Power

Serpent energy is deeply connected to healing from past sexual trauma. In particular, survivors of sexual trauma often detach from their physical bodies. We avoid the crime scene that is ourselves. Sexual violence has been part of my journey since I was raped when I was thirteen. My first husband, who I married when I was nineteen, was a master of sexual manipulation. Overall, my relationship with sex has been complicated, to say the least.

The Complexities of Sexual Violence

Uncharacteristically, I went to a large private Winter Solstice ritual almost five years ago. All I can say is that I was compelled to go. At the event I met a man who later on violated me in truly horrible ways, but in such a way that I was left thoroughly confused about my consent. Like many victims of sexual violence, I was left troubled by how I may have contributed to the situation. It was about so much more than a toxic affair. It broke me down, way down to the bottom, reminding me of past trauma, but in a sense that this was the absolute last round of this type of thing. I had reached the end. My serpent goddess self slept no more.

Serpent Medicine And The Awakening Of The Inner Snake Goddess

Serpents are powerful bringers of healing, especially for sexual issues, whether it’s trauma or hyperarousal. Serpents pull us down from heads, while correcting blockages in our roots. They are the circle, reminding us that our root is connected to our crown. We are a circle of energies, experiences and lives. We shed our skin into rebirth. The serpent within awakens.


Kundalini Rising

Over the past several weeks, I’ve had the physical sensation of movement at the base of my spine giving me the sense that a kundalini activation could be forthcoming. Kundalini refers to the mystical view of the essence of our souls being like a coiled snaked resting on our root. Once awakened, the serpent stretches out across our other energy centers (chakras), fully activating our life purpose and our power. A kundalini awakening can appear to have been spontaneous, but it is always the result of profound spiritual work. This can be experienced as a physical sensation deep in our root, dreams of snakes, and rapid acceleration of our spiritual life. For example, amplified awareness and connection to the deeper world, including our psychic and healing abilities.

Signs Of Inner Snake Goddess Awakening

Awakening is letting the serpent of our truth poison that which blocks our way, so that many false ways of seeing ourselves die, we lose interest in superficial things, and harmful relationships are released. Radical change often occurs, from leaving careers to changing our address. That is, if we let our divine inner snake goddess do her work. The alternative is that we resist the serpent, fearing her power (which is really our own), and fighting to keep a skin-suit that needs to be let go of. This can be very intense. I offer my Managing A Spiritual Upgrade article to help.

Hail Hekate Drakaina, Mother of The Great Serpent, that is all of life,
And the divine snake goddess that is my soul.
Bravo to you, beautiful one, for taking that poison that heals.

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