Circe Is A Goddess We Need Right Now: Her Story, Powers And Ways To Connect With The Eternal Witch Goddess

Circe Is A Goddess We Need Right Now: Her Story, Powers And Ways To Connect With The Eternal Witch Goddess July 18, 2018


Circe, sorceress divine,
I claim your witchery, making it mine.


I believe that this is the year of Circe. Her time has come. Our time has come. For the rebels, the misfits, the women who follow their own unique truth, singing songs in their powerful voice. Circe is us. We are her. 

Here’s why: there is an unprecedented movement with women (and others) who are have realized that they are incredibly powerful. They are speaking out in their unique voice regardless of the risks and the wrath they incur. Every once in a while a novel comes along that captures the spirit of a moment in time. Madeline Miller’s Circe is doing just that. Now that this novel is being made into an HBO television series, the energy of the eternal witch will become part of pop culture. So fitting that this is all occurring this year.

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What is happening on the societal scale is also transpiring in the Witch World and Pagan Universe. Everywhere I look, I see bold statements of sovereignty erupting, from truth telling about sexism to new ways of practicing the Craft of the Wise. Indeed, this is Kirke’s voice coming through these individuals. Witches everywhere are feeling drawn to the Original Witch like never before. We are Kirke after she left the island, fully able to claim our power and change the world with our witchery. Like her, the powerful men, desperate to cling to all they possess, strive to keep us isolated. With Kirke’s power, we shall no longer succumb.

Circe and Hekate: The Witch Mother And Daughter

Circe is the witch-daughter of Hekate’s. In one account by the ancient historian Diodorus, Hekate is Circe and Medea’s mother. Hekate’s rise to dominance undoubtedly brings along her witch daughters. While Medea’s energy and archetype speaks to our shadow selves, Circe summons us to boldly embrace the transformation found by speaking our truth.


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Cyndi Brannen is a witch and spiritual teacher living the coastal life in rural Nova Scotia. She is a trained energetic healer, psychic and herbalist. Merging together her training in shamanism, Tarot, past life work, meditation and her twenty year career as a psychologist, she teaches and writes about better living through witchcraft. She founded Open Circle about a decade ago which now offers online courses, including The Sacred Seven: A Course in Applied Modern Witchcraft. She has written the forthcoming Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft. Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft: The First Key is a year-and-a-day course that will start November 1. More info at You can read more about the author here.

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