The Wisdom of Persephone: Practices and Rituals for Healing and Empowerment

The Wisdom of Persephone: Practices and Rituals for Healing and Empowerment April 8, 2018

Persephone, that indomitable goddess who turns the wheel of the year, has such wisdom to share with those willing to listen.

She’ll show you the way to transmute that pain into your power. Acceptance of the past, resistance to remaining stuck in the Under World and claiming your crown are all things she will reveal through the practices outlined below. Take the bones of those who caused you harm, hold each one, learn from them all and construct your own crown.


Contemporary society says, “Pain is bad. Run from it.” However, closing our eyes to our suffering, and that of others, only serves to render us the helpless victim. Through practice we can learn to be a conquering sovereign of our pain. Following Persephone’s example, we can become a Queen of Pain. Like Persephone, our crown can be constructed from the dust, blood and tears of the wisdom gained from our suffering.

Staring Pain in the Eyes

Opening our eyes to our personal pain, and that of others, is a necessary part of the awakening of our sacred wildness. We must stare pain right in the eyes. This is in direct contrast to the popular cultural belief that pain is to be avoided at all costs. This is the denial of the truth.

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About Cyndi Brannen
Dr. Cyndi Brannen, PhD is a witch and spiritual teacher dedicated to Hekate, her two sons and living the coastal life in rural Nova Scotia. She is a trained energetic healer, psychic and herbalist who is also an internationally-recognized expert on women's health and the development of self-help programs. In 2005, she founded Open Circle Wellness which offers courses and individual support, including the popular Shadow Taming Workshop and Tarot Readings. She created The Real Work: A Pagan Path for Personal Development and teaches that in-person and online, as well as providing training for those wishing to deliver the course.  Dr. Brannen has taught meditation and mindfulness to a variety of groups and organizations. She started Keeping Her Keys to fulfill her mission and dream of writing and teaching about Modern Hekatean Witchcraft. Learn more: You can read more about the author here.

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