Full Moon Zodiac Readings- October 2019

Full Moon Zodiac Readings- October 2019 October 11, 2019

The full moon this Sunday occurs in the sign of Aries, and themes related to independence, trust in self, motivated action, and courage will come into play within our lives. Aries energy brings breakthrough, inspiration, optimism and innovation. New beginnings can’t manifest until we’ve put what’s done to rest. Bear this in mind as you contemplate the messages I’ve channeled for you below.

Reading the messages for your sun, moon, and rising sign will give you a fuller message. Take what resonates, utilize that Aries energy and make something good happen with it.

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This moon in your sign heightens the guidance you receive from your spiritual allies. Your intuition is strong and hunches lead to great success. Something you’ve hoped for but forgotten about or gave up on may resurface along with fresh insight and guidance on how to make it happen. Don’t look outside of yourself for validation. It’s imperative that you trust yourself in order for this to be successful. What you’ve dreamed of is at your fingertips. There is a way to have it. Seek counsel through meditation, and pay greater attention to your dreams, as there is insight there. Allow your dreams to guide you.


This is a time of great change and you’re going to have to look below the surface of your experiences to gain understanding of what life is trying to teach you. Bad luck or setbacks are testing your fortitude, and are a sign of imminent breakthrough. You may have to give something up for this breakthrough to occur. What you want has its cost. You have everything you need within your to face the challenges that present to you. Seek the common connection in all of your experiences and revelation will come to you, and you’ll know what to do.


You could benefit from some rest. Your hard work has paid off, and you need time to process your feelings and experiences. You may be feeling weary of others right now, and there could even be a sense of sorrow, disconnect, and resentment as though others are enjoying the fruits of your labor but you aren’t getting anything in return from them. They are not the ones who are meant to fill your cup. Enjoy the fact that others benefit from what you have to offer, but attend to your needs and fill your own cup alone or with your circle of true friends on a new adventure. It may be time for a vacation. It’s definitely time to seek new and exciting experiences that inspire you.


Explore your inner worlds and the physical world around you. You’ve been very in touch with the feelings of others. It’s time to get in touch with what you feel, independently of others. Self-exploration will yield impressive results and help you connect with aspects of yourself you didn’t even know were there. Time in nature next to water will benefit you greatly. There is a need for you to find the treasures hidden in the murky waters below, though you may have previously feared looking too deeply at your feelings and experiences. The strength to do so is with you now. Prize relaxation time, and allow yourself to heal. Focus on your needs. You can make something of your difficult experiences now. If you are unsure how, call on the spirit of frog for assistance.


Keep your feet on the ground. Flights of fancy are detrimental to you at this time. Practice connecting with the earth. Pay attention to your feet. You could miss some really important information and communications if you allow yourself to drift off to la-la land. If you don’t already know how to ground, now is the time to learn and practice in earnest. Your abilities to attract what you need are strong right now, but you may miss golden opportunities if you’re not paying attention. You can also direct your attention to focusing on what you want to attract with great success at this time. This requires the presence that grounding will afford.


Your ability to transcend situations you’re ready to get out of is dependent on how well you’re listening to the guidance from your spiritual allies. You can manifest easily when you trust and listen to the guidance you receive. It takes courage to follow up with action, but that action is necessary if you want to see positive changes and improvements in your life. You may see the beginnings of something you’ve been working toward manifest at this time. Don’t shrink away now that it’s becoming tangible and real. Take up your courage and follow through.


Natural magic is at work in your life. When you are not actively fighting against your own nature or getting in your own way with overthinking, you find that things run smoothly without much effort on your part. This is one of those times, and you should ride this wave as long as you can. Things have a way of falling into place for you and this is a good time to do some extra protection work to keep things running smoothly. Think also about who in your life would benefit from protection work. You are a natural channel for potent magickal energy, be deliberate about how you’re aiming it.


A natural warmth emanates from you. You can see others and yourself clearly at this time, and there is passionate energy burning within you. You may reveal something about yourself to someone close to you. Don’t hold any expectations for how they will respond. It is important that you honestly value what you bring to the table regardless of whether or not you receive recognition from others. Clarity comes easily at this time and any uncertainties will disappear when you look within and seek direction. You can manifest strongly by working with fire spirits, solar energy and deities.


It’s all about healing for you right now. Be open to healing energy and allow it to flow through you. Take things one step at a time. Old wounds may make themselves known, or you could experience new circumstances that are difficult. Sometimes things sting to teach us about boundaries. Keep your energy focused on healing through it. It is easy to forget that pain is a normal part of healing, and that healing doesn’t occur without discomfort. What causes pain can be useful depending on if you’re listening to it and what you make of it. Attend to all aspects of wellness, as there is work yet to be done for your health and wellbeing. Should a physical condition afflict you, look for the correlation in your mind and emotions. Seeking a qualified herbalist may serve you well and provide you with what you need.


This is a period of growth for you, and a time to discover new things about yourself. Identify your talents and skills and what brings you joy, then consider new ways you can apply them to bring more fulfillment to your life. This full moon brings you the promise of reward for your efforts. Having the expectation that everything will work out, and gratitude for your blessings before they even arrive will serve you well. Trust that what you need is on its way to you. In the meantime, do something fun and productive, and actively nourish your mind, heart, body, and spirit.


Accept your blessings and enjoy them. Your hard work has paid off. You successfully integrated change and now you can put the past behind you, fully. You’ve come back strong after the adversity you’ve faced. Trusting in the cycles of your life will aid you immensely. You are on the right path. There may be further revelations that make things even clearer for you. Stand in the sun where you belong, love yourself and celebrate how far you’ve come.


It’s all about the long game now. Settle in for it and get comfortable. Set a sustainable pace for yourself. Rushing is your worst enemy, creating all kinds of unnecessary stress and a breeding ground for avoidable mistakes. Cultivate tenacity. Accept that there is a time for all things, and that all things take the time that they take. You can’t force healing, or make anything bloom before it’s time. If you pick fruit before it’s ripe it is bitter. Slow down and take things one moment, one day, at a time. In each moment, and each day, you have exactly what you need.

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