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Magical Sampler: The Best Articles from the Magical Almanac

“Rhymes for Good Fortune” 


Sabbats Almanac

“Feasts and Treats” (2018)


Herbal Almanac

“An Ornament for Every Season” (2018)

“Herbal Love Charms: A Little Look at the Lore” (2016)

“The Romance of Rosemary” (2015)

“Healthier Vegetarian Dishes” (2014)

“Herbal Baths” (2013)

“Lee Fee Verte: Dancing with the Green Fairy” (2011)

“Beyond Scented Pinecones” (2010)

“Incredible Edible Facials” (2008)

“A Bauble Bath of Herbal Body Goodies” (2007)

“A Remembrance Potpourri” (2006)

“Using Native Plants to Attract Butterflies” (2006)

“Natural Pest Control” (2004)

Witches’ Companion

“Courting the Dark Side: Find a Balance Between Light and Shadow” (2018)

“We Are Everywhere: Finding Pagans in the Wild” (2016

“Awesome Altars on a Budget” (2015)

“Healing Lessons from the School of Life (2014)


Witches’ Spell-A-Day Almanac

2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2017


Magical Almanac

“Clashing of the Titans” (2011)

“Everyday Children’s Rituals” (2010)

“Nine Stones Every Witch Should Know” (2010)

“Dance of the Merry Muses” (2009)

“Children and Ritual” (2007)

“Making a Difference” (2007)

“Book Pendant Amulets” (2006)

“Mayan Calendars” (2006)

“Mayan Sacred Structures” (2006)

”Vampire Folklore in Burial Rituals” (2006)

“A Calendula Skin Balm” (2005)

“Crystal Wire Stars” (2005)

“Fall’s Harvest” (Recipes, 2005)

“Spring’s Promise” (recipes, 2005)

“Summer’s Bounty” (recipes, 2005)

“Winter Stores Spell” (recipes, 2005)

“Fertility Deities of the Near East” (2004)

“A Magical Herbal Book” (2003)

“Making Your Own Magic Inks” (2003)

“Rhymes for Good Fortune” (2003)

“Spring Resolution Ritual” (as Laurel Nightspring, 2002)


Moon Sign Book

“Weather Watching” (2011)


Wicca Almanac

“Altars with a Twist” (2004)

“Pagan Travel Tips” (2003)

“A Survey of Pagan Magazines” (2003)


Witches’ Calendar 2008



Witches’ Datebook

Bits of lore, 2008