About Laurel Reufner

Laurel Reufner sitting on a bench at the beach.
Near the ocean, one of my happy places when we can swing it. This is taken at North Top Sail Island, July 2020. All rights reserved.

Laurel Reufner started her writing career with Llewellyn in 2000 with a little two-page ritual simply titled “A Resolution Ritual”, which was published in the Llewellyn 2002 Magical Almanac. And with the exception of 2018, she’s had something published every year since. Her articles tend towards mythology, folklore, magical cooking, and ritual ideas, although she’s never let a subject matter limit her writing.

More recently, Laurel has started to answer the call to teach, or rather mentor, younger pagans trying to find their path. She was reluctant to take that step, but given that the younger pagans in question are friends of hers, it was hard to ignore them for long. (She’s also got a warped sense of humor, so be warned.)

When not writing about or practicing paganism, Laurel spends her time playing tabletop rpgs – mainly Dungeons and Dragons and Call of Cthulhu, watching Midsomer Murders or The Brokenwood Mysteries on Acorn – again, and spending far too much time on the internet. If you’re also into Call of Cthulhu rpg, or grimdark in general, your paths may just cross at Origins or maybe Gen Con in her regular persona. (She’ll be with either Lurking Fears or Chaosium.)

She’s lived in southeast Ohio all her life, currently residing in a little corner of Athens, Ohio with her husband and two daughters. Combined, they have two cats, one dog, a hedgehog, and a bunny, who loves snuggles and will do just about anything for a grape.

Laurel is very excited to become part of the Patheos Pagan Channel, although she can also be found on Facebook. Feel free to drop her a line, as she also loves to chat.