The Kreinik Snowflake Cross Stitch

The Kreinik Snowflake Cross Stitch February 19, 2021

Silver deer candle holders flanking a framed cross stitched snowflake.
The Kreinik Snowflake. Photo copyright Laurel Reufner

Here’s a quick project –  The Kreinik Snowflake cross stitch – that can even be completed in a weekend. This is the project, after all these years, where I have truly fallen in love with how much Kreinik’s thread’s can transform a needlework project.

Once upon a time I had several little charts designed, but that was several computers ago. I’ll try to share as I track them down and either recover or recreate the charts. It was a lot of fun at the time. And then I got away from doing cross stitch as life got really, really hectic and my vision started to age. I came back to it just over three years ago, just after we moved to the new house. And this snowflake is so far my one and only design since then. I love designing snowflakes, partly because, yes, they’re easy, but I also love winter. And you can do so many things with a simple snowflake design – frame it, back it with cardboard or fabric for a cute ornament, or even stitch it on some small count plastic canvas as an ornament or even package topper. Heck, put it on an altar cloth.

But where’s the magic? Well, that’s up to you and depends on what you want to use the final piece for. It’s very easy to work your intent into every stitch as you go, making for a really powerful piece when finished. At the very least, while I stitch as a sort of meditation or even calming exercise, I never stitch when angry. I don’t want that kind of energy in my work.

The colors given in the chart are, of course, only suggestions. Feel free to pick your own. In the DMC version that I stitched, I filled in the empty space around the arms of the snowflake. In the Kreinik thread version, I didn’t. the light blue fabric already made a really nice background. If you work this design in pretty spring or summer colors, it would even be harder to tell that it started life as a simple snowflake and might instead look more like a flower of some sort. Have fun with my little design. You can put it on things to sell if you’d like, but please do not try to actually sell the pattern.

Kreinik/Winter Snowflake. Chart and Image copyright Laurel Reufner.

To save the chart to your computer or other device, simply right click and “save as”.

Brightest Blessings,


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