Simple Ostara Ritual

Simple Ostara Ritual March 15, 2021

Domestic brown rabbit with three colored eggs.
Hase mit Ostereiern found on Wikimedia Commons.

Ostara is one of my absolute favorite times of the year. There has always seemed to be something extra magical about the equinoxes for me. This is a fun way to celebrate with a simple Ostara ritual for both adults and children.

The Ritual Prep

I’d suggest flowers, or maybe eggs, for the Northern quarter and an oil lamp of some sort for the Southern. Put spring water in the East, and perhaps feathers in the West. You will also need hard-boiled eggs for each person participating, egg decorating supplies, small pots, potting soil, and some small live plants, preferably edible herbs, but flowers will also work. A small loaf of bread, some grape juice, and representations for your chosen deities will round things out.

For this ritual you’ll need hard-boiled eggs.  They can be either decorated ahead of time or in the circle. It might be fun to gather together just before the circle gets cast and have a small egg decorating party. If time an important factor, as egg decorating can take up some time, then suggest folks bring an already decorated egg. Undecorated eggs will work, but they aren’t as memorable, or fun. And decorating the eggs is a great way to program them with intent and extra energy.

Circle Casting

Cast the circle and then summon the quarters. Starting in the East, welcome the powers of Water, quenching the thirst of Mother Earth as she awakens from her wintry sleep. In the South, welcome the powers of Fire, warming the land once more. To the West, welcome the powers of Air, as its breezes lift our spirits with the energy of renewed life. In the North welcome the powers of Earth as life is awakened after the cold winter months. After summoning the directions, invoke the deities if you wish.

The Main Event

The main part of this ritual is very simple. Bless the eggs and allow each participant to charge their egg with whatever intent they wish to have brought into balance in the coming months, or maybe they wish to see something grow in their lives instead. Put some soil in the pot, put in the egg, and then more soil and the plant. Eggs are a symbol of life and are included to symbolically help the plant grow. I’d do a final charging of the whole pot once you’ve completed planting, but I’ve a rather gentle energy that lends itself well to such layering.

If working with children, this is a good time to introduce raising and directing personal energy, showing them how to raise energy in their hands and then direct that energy towards the soil surrounding the plants. (An introduction to herbalism could begin here as well as your child learns about their plant and how it can be used. And of course, personal responsibility is reinforced as they take care of their growing plant.)

After the planting and any necessary grounding is finished, enjoy the cakes and juice. Perform a circle closing and it is done.


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Simple Ostara Ritual

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