New Home Rituals for the Modern Witch

New Home Rituals for the Modern Witch January 25, 2023

Last year, I ended up spontaneously moving homes. And when I say spontaneous, I mean the homeowner decided that he wanted to raise the rent exponentially and decided he couldn’t do that to us. Luckily, we landed on our feet. The following day, we secured a smaller space in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by woods. However, this space was only ever meant to get us by. As such, another move is in the cards this year. 

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With this impending move in mind, I wanted to discuss how I prepare my new home beyond moving boxes and copious amounts of ibuprofen. This article will focus on my favorite traditions for ‘paganing’ a new home. While this article is timely for those with a move on the horizon, most of these methods can be done at any time. 


First and foremost, I like to cleanse my space before I move in, and I do this before a single box crosses the threshold. There are several methods to accomplish a solid cleansing. You can opt for a single method or stack several methods based on your preferences and traditions. I tend to overdo things. Naturally, doing several of these methods is what I prefer. Bonus: some of these practices can be used for cleansing and protection.

Opening Windows:

One of the simplest methods of airing out a home is simply opening the doors and windows to clear out any residual energy. This is a no-frills method that only requires us to unlatch the windows or open the doors and let the air flow freely. I often do this seasonally to clear out any stagnant energy that’s collected. 

Herbs & Incense:

It’s hard to be fully aware of the energetic imprint left by the previous occupants of a home. As such, starting our journey in our home with a clean slate is best. Burning herbs and incense is a great way to purify the air and clear out any stagnant energy. Many incense and herbs, such as Dragons Blood, Sandalwood, and Garden Sage, also have correspondences of protection. 

Floor Washes:

Another excellent way to cleanse your home is by creating floor washes. Most often, for me, this is a simple vinegar mix. And while I use the term “floor” wash, I also use this for surfaces such as walls, windows, and counters. Vinegar is often used for protection and hex breaking, so it’s another dual-purpose practice you can utilize. 


After properly cleansing my new space, I like to put my protections in place. Protections can come in many forms, and in the prior section, we covered some multipurpose methods. For this section, I’ll expand on a few physical forms, but there are many others that you could employ for protection. One option for protection is to get a German Shepherd. Keep in mind that results may vary. Mine is more likely to invite a person in for some kibble and a good pat.


A ward is any item that is imbued with the intention of protection and is often one of the first things I place in my home. Depending on your traditions, you can use talismans such as horseshoes, evil eyes, and Celtic symbols, among other items, but you can also create your own. One way to accomplish this would be to create a sigil for protection. Another common ward is to place a broom above your door or around your entryway to prevent unwelcome energy or guests. 

Black Salt: 

Black salt, which is often called “Witches Black Salt,” is a standard ingredient in my witchy toolbox. This particular salt is created by combining salt, smoke-cleansing ashes, and often coal or eggshells as well. Due to the ingredients, this salt is not edible. It is used for protection. One of my favorite uses for this salt is to sprinkle a bit along the windows and the doorways of my new home as a protective barrier. 

Simmer Pots:

Simmer pots are great for multiple reasons, and the purpose of each depends on the chosen ingredients. For this section, I wanted to offer a simple recipe for protection that I like to use. The exact amount of ingredients you will need will depend on your pot size. Allow your intuition (and sense of smell) to guide you when adding these ingredients.


  • 1 whole lemon to repel negative energy
  • 1-3 cinnamon sticks for healing and protection
  • 1-3 sprigs of fresh rosemary for exorcism and healing
  • 1 pinch of cloves for healing and protection
  • 1 saucepan or crockpot
  • water


  1. Fill your saucepan, crockpot, or other apparatus with water to around the halfway point and bring to a boil.
  2. Slice your lemons into slender circles. 
  3. Add ingredients to the simmer pot and reduce the heat. 
  4. Add additional water as needed.

Settling In:

After my home is cleansed and my protections are in place, I like to further settle in by putting down roots of some sort. Sometimes literally and sometimes symbolically. 

Plant a Garden:

One way to mark our arrival at a new home is to put down roots, literally and figuratively. I like to mark this transition by acquiring a new plant and planting it in my new home. While not every home offers a yard space, this can certainly be achieved without one. My life has been relatively transient these past few years, so I don’t often have the opportunity to plant inground myself. Instead, I have a container garden made of old troughs with holes in the bottom to allow for drainage. These containers move with me from location to location. Due to my affinity for rosemary, and the 1996 movie Practical Magic, rosemary often finds its place near my front door for protection. 


I like my home to be a representation of my inner world. As such, my house is covered with colorful artwork from my favorite skylines, graffiti artwork, vibrant music notes, and even one exceptional large glass mural of a bull. I originally wrote the bull off as an impulse purchase, but the first several years of my life were spent on a farm, sharing my bottles with cattle and bonding over drinks. It was meant to be, and I recommend others follow their own whims when it comes to their home. The act of decorating is a sacred one that allows you to create a particular ambiance in your home. This can be done by hanging up artwork, family photos, trinkets, and more. What’s most important is creating an environment that feels like home by surrounding yourself with your most sacred items.

New Home Spell Jar:

When I moved into my most recent home, I created the spell jar below to invite positivity into my new abode. For this spell jar, I placed it as close to my entryway as possible. That said, this can be placed anywhere inside the home. Often, many choose to set their spell jars on their altar instead.

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  • 1 pinch of dried calendula for happiness and passion
  • 1 pinch of dried rose petals for love and luck 
  • 1 pinch of dried rosemary for good health and protection 
  • 1 pinch of carnelian chips for inspiration and vitality
  • 1 pinch of tigers eye for protection and good fortune


  1. In the jar, add each ingredient. I like to assign each component its purpose as the ingredients are added by reciting them.
  2. If desired, seal the jar with yellow or gold candle wax for happiness and success.
  3. Place this jar on your altar or around your home. To recharge, you can channel energy into the jar. Some practitioners shake their jars to accomplish this. 


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