Around the Internet

Around the Internet January 21, 2011

It’s Friday. Here’s what’s happening around the internet.

What’s traffic look like at the official LDS websites? This guy knows (or did.)- Link

Keepa looks at a time when you could be paid for doing names in the temple.- Link

Mormon Mommy Blogs appear to be very popular among young feminist educated atheists.- Link

Ken Jennings loses to Watson- Link

A story of healing, at BCC- Link

Christopher Hitchens v. the Mormons- Link

More responses to the NYTimes “Single, Mormon, Alone piece” from faithful LDS in similar situations at T&S. – Link

Taking away the wrong message from a lesson: “Want to feel the atonement? Sin big!” –Link

Ivan at M*  explains why we can easily get the wrong general idea from particular pieces of data, particularly with people.- Link

The greatest obstacle to understanding the Bible is thinking we already do- Link

University of Kentucky settles a dispute after not hiring an Evangelical- Link

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