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Around the Internet January 7, 2011

Since we don’t have a sideblog here, Fridays will now see a catch-all buffet post appear.

Mormon stuff

Thanks, but That’s Not a Compliment– By labeling thinking as “deep” we can avoid feeling like we need to do any.

BCC hosts a variety of views on What Mormons Think About Glee

The Mormon Women Project highlights Elisabeth Krider:  Mormon, mother and Chemistry PhD.

Joe Spencer’s lengthy and useful  thoughts on Teaching Seminary, Early Morning or Otherwise: Seven “Hints” and Hopefully a Discussion” You don’t need to know anything about the philosophical terminology; it’s good stuff, as are the comments.

“Ed” blogs about his struggle with pr0n at YieldingMyHeart. I’ve seen several “struggling-with-being-gay-and-Mormon” blogs, and I’m surprised that this is the first pr0n-related LDS blog I’ve seen. Are there others?

BHodges at FaithPromotingRumor looks at two LDS books as examples of the dumbing-down of mainstream LDS books.

Other stuff of interest

Creationism is taking root in the Netherlands- Stefaan Blancke examines the history leading up to this. [PDF Link]

The Pew Forum compares the religious make-up of the new government with the old, with some nice graphics. Mormons +1.

An autobiographical recounting by a popular programmer of the darkness that comes from sexual abuse, depression, and failing to get help, ultimately resulting in the author’s suicide. Please friends, if you’re struggling, get help. Talk to someone.  The Agonizing Last Words of Programmer Bill Zeller.

Biologos continues putting up fascinating stuff with Models for Relating Adam and Eve with Contemporary Anthropology; part 4, by Denis Alexander,  Director of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion at St. Edmund’s College, Cambridge.


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