The Book

This Ordinary Adventure: Settling Down Without Settling



by Christine Jeske and Adam Jeske

Copyright: 2012

Publisher: IVP Press


They started out living the dream. They promised themselves and each other that every day would be an amazing day. They even stuck that phrase–“Amazing Days”–on their refrigerator, like Martin Luther pounding his conviction into a door and launching the next great era of the church. “Ready or not,” they told the world, “here we come.” They traveled the planet, doing missions and community development work in Latin America, China, Africa. Then they went back home–to the land of shopping malls and manicured lawns. And they wondered what had become of their amazing days. In This Ordinary Adventure Adam and Christine Jeske mine their experience, from riding motorcycles in Africa to dicing celery in Wisconsin, in search of a God who is always present and who is charging every moment with potential. Read along and you’ll see your life–your ruts and routines, your frustrations and exhilarations–through different eyes, maybe for the first time. You’ll discover the amazing things God is doing in the shadows of even the most ordinary day.


“Interested in following the fresh winds of the Spirit, no matter what? Wanting to continue on in short term missions, global concern, world travel, even if you’ve got a house, job, kids and a dog?  Does settling down mean giving up dreams of adventure? Does embracing a spirited missional vision preclude a home and family, caring about ordinary life, being involved in a local place?  I wish I had this book when I was 25 and I’m very glad I have it now that I’m almost 60.  What a story! You’ll enjoy this travellogue of young, hip missionaries, who also long for an ordinary home.  Can we settle down, without settling? Spread the word about this great new book.” (Byron Borger, Hearts and Minds Bookstore)

“I love how Christine and Adam Jeske retell their adventures, together, with honesty, humor, and humble wisdom. This Ordinary Adventure is a rich and engaging story that all of us, regardless of our narratives, dreams and circumstances, can relate to in some way. And that’s what makes this book a must read, because Christine and Adam’s ‘ordinary’ story opens our eyes and hearts to all of the possibilities, wonder and beauty that can be found in our own stories. And there’s nothing ordinary about that.” (Matthew Paul Turner, author, speaker and blogger)

“Adam and Christine Jeske are completely serious that they can have an ‘amazing day’ regardless of what’s thrown at them via background, culture, environment or relationships. The best part is that their invitation to this way of thinking extends to everyone! This Ordinary Adventure is strong stuff for those seeking to experience life in all of its fullness . . . no matter where they happen to be.” (Steve Haas, vice president/chief catalyst, World Vision United States)

“Get ready to laugh and cry while being inspired through the Jeskes’ global trailblazing.They challenge North Americans not to settle for the mundane but to get off our couches and ride on a faith adventure in our everyday lives. This Ordinary Adventure is a must-read for anyone wanting to get unstuck from the ordinary, and to make courageous faith choices at every life stage.” (Tom Lin, vice president, director of missions and director of the Urbana Student Missions Conference and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA)

“As a former missionary who was plagued with the thought I’ve become everything I made fun of, I found This Ordinary Adventure a delight. Adam and Chrissy unpack in touching and humorous ways that a missional life and an ordinary life is not either/or but rather both/and.” (Shayne Moore, activist and author of Global Soccer Mom)

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