November 18, 2013

Just a few women, at first, raised their hands; later, all of them acknowledged their “sonship”. If God’s their Father, who’s their Mother?  Speaking to gals and guys at St Nicholas Church, Shreveport, Louisiana … The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio! Read more

October 31, 2013

Recently, I spoke in Belleville, Ontario, at a Seminar hosted by Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church; lovely folks, lovely place.  But like many of us, they have their work cut out for them – keeping Orthodox Christianity alive in that little place.  Here follows a few snippets from our time together.  The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio! Read more

October 8, 2013

If you happened to be driving down Highway 52 in Albemarle, North Carolina on an April afternoon in 1978, right there by Prospect Road … Yep, that was me:  in my light blue tux on my way to pick up my date for the Junior–Senior prom. It was sprinkling rain, my Monza 2+2 was totaled. Oh, and not only that, there were about 50 record albums (LPs) and a stereo set scattered all over the highway. You see, earlier that... Read more

September 20, 2013

Skip to 1:52 … Amazing! Slava Bogu! Source Read more

September 16, 2013

First, I FORGOT Jury Duty … and failed to show! Then, at the mercy of the Court, I showed up … as a professional Christian?You decide: The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio! Read more

September 10, 2013

The following is the address given by His Grace Bishop Basil to the parish of St Mary Orthodox Church in Wichita, Kansas regarding the crisis in Syria, on the morning of their patronal feast of the Nativity of the Theotokos, September 8, 2013. Source This week will be a very important week, an historical week, one way or another–our church, our Patriarchate in particular, and this world in general. This week our elected representatives will be asked to vote either... Read more

September 7, 2013

Our church, like many, has a Cry Room.  Y’all … as a priest at the altar, I don’t have the, ahem, opportunity to frequent the Cry Room – so, blindly, I encourage others to PLEASE MAKE USE OF IT.  It was only recently revealed to me that the Cry Room, contrary to my understanding, can often sound like this:  The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio! Read more

September 3, 2013

His Eminence Metropolitan Philip writes: Beloved Hierarchs, Clergy and Faithful of our God-Protected Archdiocese: Greetings to you and your families as we begin a new ecclesiastical year. I pray you had a pleasant summer. I write to you today as our president and United States Congress contemplate military action against Syria. As those of us with deep roots in that land already know, more bombs and destabilization of the country will only lead to further bloodshed and devastation. In my opinion,... Read more

August 18, 2013

Back in 2009, when my Father Confessor passed away, we Huneycutts inherited his dog – a black standard poodle named Wotan.  Which means, as every dog owner knows, we now save lots of plastic grocery bags and take at least two walks a day around the block in our neighborhood. That’s how I met Stan, the Big White Dog. Stan’s a smoker, which I found pretty amazing for a canine … Welp, let me tell you about our first meeting:... Read more

August 9, 2013

Resolution to Oppose the Recent United States Supreme Court Decision That Held the “Defense of Marriage Act” Unconstitutional WHEREAS, on June 26, 2013 the United States Supreme Court, in the case entitled “United States v. Windsor”, following much controversy, ruled that the law known as the “Defense of Marriage Act”, (“DOMA”) was unconstitutional. The Supreme Court case of Windsor invalidated Section 3 of the “Defense of Marriage Act”, which defines marriage in all federal statutes as the union of one... Read more

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