October link round-up

October link round-up November 7, 2012

I share a lot of great links and pictures on Facebook and Twitter.  Here’s some of the best from October:

“The erotic charge that […] lit up the performance of giving birth also seemed to light up the stories they told about it. Many of the stories I heard were not specifically sexual but, in the telling, were filled to overflowing with the kind of intimacy, excitement, pleasure, and passion that articulated itself in and through the birthing body they hailed—a body that, in being given, gave, that exceeded its limits in joy and strength, that managed, like Demeter retrieving Persephone from hell, ‘to go and get the baby on another planet / and bring the baby back.’”

–Della Pollack, Telling Bodies, Performing Birth (via First The Egg)

The Mother’s Wisdom Deck “Niki Dewart and Elizabeth Marglin have created the beautiful Mother’s Wisdom Deck, which takes it’s place among the most lovely and thoughtful of oracular decks.”

Wisdom Cards For a New World “These hand-made cards, inspired by midwives, combine the artistic with the literary, and the creative with the practical, to express deep meaning.”

BirthMarkings “The film began when I learned that one of the fastest growing plastic surgeries was the post-birth tummy tuck. I thought about what it meant that we want to erase the signs that we have delivered children.”

Ode to the Single Mother and to the Goddess “Whether you are someone’s biological mother, step mother, foster mother or kinship mother; you are the face of the Goddess to those with whom you claim or who claim you.”

Rites of Passage Resources for Daughters & Sons “We also recognize the birth of a new baby, but the focus is on the baby and not on the transitional rite of passage for the woman and very often her needs, wishes, and feelings about the experience are trivialized, minimized, or even discouraged.”

Samhain: Blessed Be All Souls “Let yourself love and be loved by your Ancestors, your Mighty Dead, your Beloved Dead, the Newborns and all other beings in your life, for that is how all souls can indeed be blessed.”

Here at Pagan Families I posted the final piece in a series on food and pregnancy and started writing a weekly short post From The Editor’s Desk: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance DayHarvest Time, and Samhain.

What have you been reading and writing?


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