Body Blessing to and from the Mother

Body Blessing to and from the Mother January 22, 2013

I am a new contributor to the Pagan Families blog. I became introduced to Pagan Families when I bought Sarah’s book Birth on the Labyrinth Path, enjoyed it very much, and blogged about it. I’ve been a childbirth educator since 2005, primarily teaching private classes to parents one-on-one in their homes, and I have an ongoing, sustained, and passionate interest in birth as well as in women’s health in general (and breastfeeding too!). Another of my deepest passions is for Goddess spirituality and I’ve been walking a Goddess path, with increasing dedication, since 2007.

As I considered what to post first, I went down to a sacred spot in the woods behind my house where I go each day for spiritual renewal and communion. I considered what I’d like to offer to this community and the following invocation or blessing of sorts emerged:

I also have a special passion for birth art. I recently finished this collection of pottery goddess sculptures and I stood them up together in this “mother blessing” arrangement 🙂

Body Blessing to and from the Mother

Feet planted solidly on Mother Earth
Drawing up
Gaia energy
Rich life
Pulsing planet
Power of being

Shoulders back
Chest open
I breathe in the Breath of Life
Breathing me

Spreading my arms
Hands open
I feel the pulse of my heart
Blood flowing
Life giving
Throughout my body
The blood of my womb
Matching the tides of the ocean
And the pull of the moon

Linked in watery wonder

Breathing deep
and clearing my mind
I feel the spark of life within
Passion blooming
Vibrantly alive
And dancing
Twisting through my spirit
With energetic ecstasy

Breathe in
Breathe out
Draw it up
Draw it in

Resting now,
In the hand of Mother Goddess
Breathing with her
Standing with her
Resting with her
Knowing her

Blessed be.

I look forward to contributing to Pagan Families!


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