March link round-up

March link round-up April 8, 2013

Family, parenting, miscarriage, practice, breastfeeding, Goddess, and more… time for another monthly link round-up!

Owl at The Pagan Household wrote about the meaning of family, which was timely for us because I announced that Pagan Families was dropping the pregnancy and birth tag line in order to get conscious about a comprehensive approach to family life (still with a core of attention to childbearing which remains underrepresented among Pagan resources).

Check out this post on introversion and parenthood that reflects on Molly’s Introverted Mama post.

The Amethyst Network, which provides education and support around miscarriage updated their Paganism page with our help! From The Amethyst Network: “As you may know, we have slowly been working on filling in some of the ‘coming soon’ pages in our website. Right now we are working on the spiritual journey section. Our thanks go to Pagan Families for their suggestions and help in getting our Paganism page up. If you would be willing to help us put together a page for your faith path, please contact us!” Their Paganism page is here.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how difficult it can be for parents to find the time for a spiritual life. For parents, one minute to practice is often all there is. Niki wrote about how this dance of parenting and practice works for her:

“Sometimes I sit in my altar room after the kids are asleep and I make Formal Magic. These muscles don’t get flexed very often, and when they do they feel creaky, but enthusiastic. But mostly my home is my temple and my daily life my practice and sweat, blood and tears my offerings.”

Sacred Pregnancy‘s new website is up and on it is my essay about labyrinths and pregnancy.

Finally, here’s a meditation for new mothers (from Virginia Bobro’s article, “Breastfeeding From Within”):

“Feeding with Love: This mindfulness practice can be done while breast- or bottle-feeding. When sitting (or lying down) to feed your baby, try this:

Begin to notice all the sensations around you, beginning with your baby: Look at her face, notice the touch of her skin, breathe in her smell, her sounds.

Then begin to bring your attention to your own body:

Where does your body touch your baby’s body?

How is your breath moving in and out of your body?

Where do you feel relaxed and open?…” <Read the rest here.>

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