August Link Round-Up: Linking generations through milk, blood, magic, and mentoring

August Link Round-Up: Linking generations through milk, blood, magic, and mentoring September 2, 2014

At the end of each month I look back over Facebook and Twitter to review the conversations we’ve had and the resources we’ve shared, and I compile the very best all in one blog post.

WomanrunesAugust included celebrating World Breastfeeding Week and offering our congratulations to Molly Remer on her publication of Womanrunes.

We also talked about Pagan groups raising funds to help unaccompanied minors who are entering the U.S.

And as usual, we read some great articles around the web at the intersection of Paganism and parenting:

  • Not Working With The Ancestors : “What make anyone so sure my ancestors are interested in me and my life? Some of them weren’t so interested when they were alive, so why assume they feel differently now that they’re dead?”
  • Nurturing Polytheism: “I do think Mother Goddesses are underrepresented in devotional polytheism. It’s worthwhile to ask ourselves if They’re underrepresented in our lives, and if so, whether we might be better served by adding Someone to our regular devotions.”
  • Mentoring our Pagan Youth: “My preferred way to do this is to structure service-learning opportunities that not only connect the youth to their religious community, but also connect the religious community to the youth.”
  • Magic Amongst The Mundane: “More and more I am letting go of any perfectionism around my practices. With children, it’s often a choice between doing them in a rather messy way or not doing them at all.”
  • The Red Tent: “The idea of living in a society where one’s moon blood is sacred and women celebrate the flowing of life from their wombs seemed almost magical to me.”

 “Breastfeeding is one of the most spiritual, beautiful, and lovely experiences of my life. Breastfeeding links generations of mothers to children and is a bond that we share with all mammals. Breastmilk is poetry, magic, love, and nurturance in liquid form.” – Amy Wright Glenn 


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