2 Mama Essays and 2 Pregnancy Prayers + 1 Roadmap To a Healthy Birth

2 Mama Essays and 2 Pregnancy Prayers + 1 Roadmap To a Healthy Birth February 11, 2015
Here’s the round-up of January’s best reads for Pagan families from around the web.
Two Mama Essays:
  1. Amy Wright Glenn, The ocean, the Buddha and nummies: “Truly nothing prepared me for the biological beauty of nourishing my son with milk made in my body.”
  2. Molly at Talk Birth, Womb Labyrinth: “Birth journey. Each of us walks our own path. In the center, a baby waits. And, so too, wait deep truths about ourselves. Our own courage, our own fears, our own strength, our own power.”

Two Pregnancy Prayers:

  1. Kathi Valeii at Birth Anarchy: Hear Our Prayer: A Clergy Member’s Plea for Women’s Autonomy: “We give thanks for embodiment, for these bodies we live in, for these bodies we ARE, for these bodies through which we know the world, for these bodies that have the power to create new life. We give thanks for the wisdom of our bodies, and for our born ability to discern for ourselves if, when and how we will bring new life into this world.”
  2. Vicki Rivard: This Is What I Pray For You, Sweet Baby of Mine: “I pray that with your very first feeding, nestled against the warmth of my chest, you learn what it is to be nourished by your mama (me) and by your Mama (Earth) and that you grasp, deep inside your brand-new-ancient mind, that you belong here, that you were called here, that you are worthy of receiving the sustenance you need to thrive amongst the big and small creatures of this difficult world.”


+1 Roadmap To a Healthy Birth:
In conjunction with the release of a major report on the work of hormones in labor and birth, Childbirth Connection released a booklet for pregnant mamas, “Pathway To a Healthy Birth.”  (link to PDF)
“Pathway to a Healthy Birth” http://transform.childbirthconnection.org/reports/physiology/
“Pathway to a Healthy Birth” http://transform.childbirthconnection.org/reports/physiology/
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