The 4 best reads from March

The 4 best reads from March April 8, 2015

photo courtesy of shutterstock
photo courtesy of shutterstock

It’s time again for the monthly link round-up of the best articles and resources for Pagan families from around the web.

  1. About families and ancestor work, from Witches and Pagans: “Yes, I know the topic of ancestor work can be a controversial one in the pagan community, because so many of us have deceased family members we wouldn’t call on if it was the last option open to us.”
  2. About birth & death in Paganism, from The Wild Hunt: “Moore has been working for 15 years to make midwifery more accessible to women in Iowa and to help women reclaim their power. She said, “I believe in women. I believe women’s strength. I know that midwifery is its own type of magick. Maybe not in a supernatural way, but magick just the same.”” [We profiled Melanie Moore a while back in our Birth Guardians series.]
  3. About a child facilitating a workshop, also from The Wild Hunt: “We bring Pixie with us to ritual all the time and try to answer her questions but I think she could learn so much more and understand so much more from her peers.”
  4. About postpartum sealing ceremonies, from Sacred Pregnancy: “The clear message to ourselves is that we care enough to give our energy back to ourselves; we love ourselves enough to put ourselves back together, to honour our vessel.”

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