Enter the Mind of Alan Moore

Enter the Mind of Alan Moore July 19, 2012

What do you think of when you ponder the Magical Arts? For some it’s the divisions of magic into different types of craft such as herb lore, divination, working with spirits and other such skills. Lately I’ve been viewing the magical arts as music, writing, hand made crafts, and other works of art.

Alan Moore is one of the world’s most acclaimed graphic novelists and occultist. I came across part of a documentary about him. “The Mindscape of Alan Moore” by Shadowsnake Films. The full version is available with some commercials on Hulu. Shadowsnake Films offers a double disc edition with over 202 minutes of exclusive bonus material.
Alan Moore talks about becoming a magician, what Magick is, how it relates to Art, Shamanism, Culture, Spelling, and Grammar. There is a bit about how modern “shamans” control people through mass media. Excerpt form the Mindscape of Alan Moore posted to Youtube by malakh777.

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