Two Posts of Interest

Two Posts of Interest January 17, 2014

Separation of religion and medicine? by Drea Parker

Essentially, my point is this: if any particular place of business is going to go to the trouble to offer solace to the wandering religious community member, in all fairness, all religious scriptures, texts, or verses should be showcased, as was that Bible. As a pragmatic community member, I’m really not of the opinion that religious text should even be in a doctor’s office. But I liken it to that old phrase, “separation of Church and State” never really happens. So why should there be separation of medicine and religion?

One Wiccan’s Journey Through Depression
by White Wave

… Wicca is nothing if not the spirit of transformation, of rejuvenation, and if not hope then the promise of hope to come. Wicca, Paganism, Heathenism and the like are all based on this principle of reincarnation (if not directly of the soul then definitely in nature) .

If you are struggling with depression I offer you some advice, as one sufferer to another, on ways out of the darkness. It is a tough road (this I know only too well) and it will not be easy. Yet it will be worth it, transforming your soul in the process.

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