Pagan & Shinto News: Pagan Pride 20th Anniversary, plus: Uni Appoints 1st Pagan Chaplain, NZ To Give Shinto Shrine Horse

Pagan & Shinto News: Pagan Pride 20th Anniversary, plus: Uni Appoints 1st Pagan Chaplain, NZ To Give Shinto Shrine Horse May 20, 2018

The top stories in Paganism and Shinto for May 14th – 20th:

  • World’s oldest Pagan pride parade celebrates 20th anniversary
  • University of Edinburgh to appoint its first pagan honorary chaplain
  • New Zealand to gift horse to Shinto shrine
  • And more…
Left: Pollock Halls of Residence, University of Edinburgh. By Christian Bickel [CC BY-SA 2.0 de (], from Wikimedia Commons Centre: Member of the UK Shinto Society at Pagan Pride 2018. Right: Pixabay

Pagan News

Pagan Federation London: Pagan Pride Parade London 2018 – 20 Years of Magic and the Spell Keeps Growing
Sunday, May 13th was the 20th anniversary of London’s annual Pagan Pride Parade – the oldest pagan pride parade in the world…

The Times: University of Edinburgh to appoint its first pagan honorary chaplain
Jean Fowler will dispense spiritual guidance on campus, on a equal footing with ministers, priests, imams and rabbis…

The Wild Hunt: In wake of witchcraft accusations, concerns rise over religious regulation in South Africa
A self-styled prophet and leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering is being sued because he accused a businessperson of being a witch on live television, and some South African Pagans fear the case may bolster a push to regulate religion…

Newsweek: Head of Russia’s security council blames “destructive views” among youth on neo-paganism, occultism and satanism
Speaking at an event dedicated to discussing the spread of “destructive views” among the youth of today, the head of Russia’s security council Nikolai Patrushev accused a range of groups of leading young people astray…


Shinto News

Scoop: NZ to gift White Horse to Nikko Tōshōgū Shrine in Japan
Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters has announced New Zealand is continuing a tradition of over 50 years by gifting a white horse to Tōshōgū Shrine in Nikkō, Japan…

NHK World: Asakusa Sanja Matsuri starts
Crowds of people have gathered in Tokyo’s Asakusa district to watch a traditional Shinto festival that heralds the arrival of early summer…

Saipan Tribune: Japanese shrine group discusses “sisterhood city” agreement with Saipan
During the Katori Shrine group’s annual visit to Saipan, it was discussed that a sisterhood agreement between Chiba’s Katori City and Saipan should be established…

Asahi Shimbun: Ancient peach pits discovery gives a flavor of Himiko’s reign
When the mythological god Izanagi-no-Mikoto escaped from Yomi no Kuni (the Underworld), he defeated his pursuers by throwing peaches at them…


Other News

Dazed: Meet the occultist behind the world’s only online school for witches
The magick man who’s worked on Buzz Aldrin’s Mars colonisation efforts, Google’s AI programme, and a book about occultist John Dee

Gizmodo: The Blood Ritual That Lives on YouTube
Blood Over Intent has been spreading through YouTube since at least 2013, and has picked up steam over the last two years, contributing to a sort of decentralized, internet-native spiritual community…

Independent: Doreen Simmons: Cambridge Latin and Greek graduate who became a sumo wrestling pundit in Japan
Simmons, who has died aged 85, taught in England and Singapore before moving to Japan in 1973 to work as an English teacher. From the beginning, she was drawn to the ritual qualities of sumo wrestling, the Japanese national sport with a history dating back 1,500 years…

New York Times: Yakushima Island – A Real-Life Enchanted Forest
The Japanese have long venerated the forest…

SDE Kenya: Grey-haired elders in hiding as locals hunt them down over witchcraft in Kwale, Kilifi
the situation is so grave that approximately 400 innocent elders, mainly men and elderly widows, have been lynched in Kilifi alone over the past five years…

Greater Kashmir: The Witch Hunting
Such primitive way of persecution still exists in different forms…

The Telegraph: Monk sues one of Japan’s most sacred Buddhist temples after non-stop tourist visits left him ‘overworked’
The monk in his forties is seeking 8.6 million yen ($78,000) from his temple on Mount Koya, a World Heritage Site also known as Koyasan that is regarded as one of the most sacred Buddhist sites in Japan…

BoingBoing: Touch Me Not, a surreal 18th century manual on how to raise the Devil, and then send him treasure hunting
A great case in point is Fulgur’s gorgeous new tome, Touch Me Not, their full-color facsimile of the infamous late 18th century grimoire, A Most Rare Compendium of the Whole Magical Art…

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