Pagan & Shinto News: Rituals Held At Shinto Shrines To Pray For End Of Pandemic

Pagan & Shinto News: Rituals Held At Shinto Shrines To Pray For End Of Pandemic March 29, 2020

Top stories in Paganism and Shinto this week:

  • West Japan shrine holds kagura dance to pray for end to coronavirus pandemic
  • Prayers for pandemic’s end popular at Japan shrine dedicated to medicine god
  • Pagan events and rituals move online

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Left: Iwami kagura dancer representing the kami Ebisu, pattio(投稿者撮影+編集) , Japanese / CC BY-SA; Centre: Kami Sukunahikona depicted on ema (prayer tablet) at Sukunahikona-Shrine in Osaka, WolfgangMichel / CC0; Right: Candle in front of laptop, Pixabay

Pagan News

Pagan festival, events and rituals move online
The Wild Hunt
As most of the countries around the globe settle into practicing physical social distancing, quarantine, self-isolation, many Pagans have moved to holding rituals, workshops, and social interaction online…

British Pagans reflect and respond to COVID-19
The Wild Hunt
Like everyone else, the British Pagan community has been significantly affected by COVID-19. How is it responding to the disease outbreak?…

Pagan Priestess responds to COVID-19 with a resource tool for those most at-risk
The Wild Hunt
Gwendolyn Reece, a Pagan priestess of Apollon and Athena based in Washington, D.C., has given this thorny problem some serious thought and come up with a clever and interesting solution based in communities rather than hierarchies…

‘Motherland: Fort Salem’ star Taylor Hickson on the show’s attempt to showcase real Wiccan culture
MEA WorldWide
One of the new shows that had Twitter abuzz after the pilot episode was Freeform’s ‘Motherland: Fort Salem’. Created by Laurence Elliot, the fantasy-supernatural thriller is set in a world where humans and witches co-exist…

Australia: Magic’s place in unsteady times
Brisbane Times
Thorp says that the point of magic is an encounter with mystery…

Australia: Why magic is having (another) moment
The Sydney Morning Herald
The last Australian census recorded a little over 20,000 Australians who identified as Pagan or Wiccan, but the number of people willing to flirt with a little spellcraft is far greater…

Witchcraft in Japan

Green Shinto
In many ways Japanese who choose to follow Witchcraft are the mirror opposite of Westerners who choose to practise Shinto…

Shinto News

West Japan shrine holds kagura dance to pray for end to coronavirus pandemic
The Mainichi
A traditional program of “kagura” Shinto dance was performed and broadcast live on YouTube as part of efforts pray for the end of the novel coronavirus pandemic at the Kushishirokahime Shrine in this western Japan city on the night of March 22…

Prayers for pandemic’s end popular at western Japan shrine dedicated to medicine god
The Mainichi
People are flocking to a shrine dedicated to a god of medicine in this western Japan city’s Chuo Ward to pray for the end of the novel coronavirus pandemic…

Kagura dance winning over young women
The Japan Times
Kagura, a form of Shinto theatrical dance, is increasingly winning the hearts of young women in Shimane Prefecture, carving out a new fan base in the traditionally male-dominated music ritual that is grappling with a shortage of successors…

Why this centuries’ old Shinto shrine is suddenly also a hot spot for anime fan art
Whether you call it Demon Slayer or Kimetsu no Yaiba, Kamado Shrine is the place to go for fans of the hit anime/manga…

Other News

UK: Stonehenge tunnel negotiations begin next month
The Construction Index
In a bid to maintain business as usual, Highways England has confirmed the three teams shortlisted to build the £1.7bn Stonehenge tunnel scheme and begins six months of competitive dialogue with them next month…

Egypt disinfects ancient pyramids
Yahoo News
The last standing wonders of the ancient world themselves would need specific care, with work to be carried out by a specialist team of excavators, the site’s director Ashraf Mohie El-Din said…

Harvard Semitic Museum 3D scans Ancient Egyptian sarcophagi

3D Printing Media Network
A team from the Harvard Semitic Museum has 3D scanned a series of three sarcophagi from Ancient Egypt, which are now viewable through 3D modeling platform SketchFab…

A Healing Spirit From 19th-Century Japan Is Back to Face COVID-19
Atlas Obscura
Artists are bringing back Amabie, a ‘yōkai’ associated with protection from disease…

Japanese head out to see cherry blossoms despite coronavirus warnings
Gulf News
They gather in parks in spite of calls for social distancing in the time of COVID-19…

Feminist photographer Park Young-sook inspired by sacrificed ‘witches’
The Korea Herald
When Park Young-sook, the first-generation feminist photographer, visited the Gotjawal Forest on Jeju Island for the first time last year, she had to walk through dead vines and thought of the forest as an abandoned place. Then women who were sacrificed in witch hunts came to mind…

Harry Potter is influencing a new wave of witch stories
Why J.K. Rowling’s series is like Star Wars for the creators of Legacies and Motherland…

Why a walk in the forest is the perfect antidote to anxiety
The Telegraph
Not only do trees offer the potential of salvation from the ravages of climate change, but they are also a font of mindfulness and well-being, resources that surround all of us, and that we need now – more than ever – during these times of anxiety and isolation…

South Africa: Sixth suspect arrested for drowning, burning body of grandmother accused of witchcraft
A sixth suspect has been arrested for the brutal murder of an elderly woman who was accused of witchcraft in Sterkspruit in the Eastern Cape…

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