Pagan & Shinto News: 5,000-Year-Old Beltane Lighting of Fires Goes Ahead Despite Coronavirus

Pagan & Shinto News: 5,000-Year-Old Beltane Lighting of Fires Goes Ahead Despite Coronavirus May 10, 2020

Top stories in Paganism and Shinto this week:

  • Ireland: 5,000-year-old Beltane lighting of fires goes ahead despite coronavirus
  • Egyptian pyramids really were aligned with the compass points, analysis reveals
  • Japan: Graffiti targeting Wuhan residents over virus found at Yasukuni shrine

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Pagan News


Ireland: 5,000-year-old Bealtaine lighting of fires goes ahead despite coronavirus
Irish Central
Fires on the Hill of Uisneach went ahead on the evening of May 5 to mark the ancient Celtic celebration of summer…

Eleusyve Productions completes cycle of Crowley’s Rites of Eleusis
The Wild Hunt
Over two decades ago, Jon Sewell attended a camping event in Washington state. Performed under a full moon, the “Rite of Luna” consisted of poetry and music, and it provided inspiration for a vision that has been 20 years in the making…

Healthcare providers share how their Pagan practices nurture them through the pandemic
The Wild Hunt
Kasha is a Wiccan HPS who works for a home health care agency in Central Florida. She’s their director of nursing and supervises a host of services for an elderly population of clients that include support nurses and physical, occupational, and speech therapists all providing in-home care…

The opportunities of online rituals
The Wild Hunt
Since March, public rituals have become online rituals to maintain social distancing. The Wild Hunt is following that shift to online ritual and recently spoke with Holli S. Emore of Cherry Hill Seminary about the possible long term effects of this shift…

May’s ‘Flower Moon’: Is this the last supermoon of 2020?
New York Post
Despite the term’s inexact origins, astronomers do their best to establish a consistent rule and have informally assigned a true supermoon to be one that occurs when a full moon is at its perigee position, or the point at which it’s closest to Earth…

Canada: You can release a butterfly on the summer solstice at this unique event
Vancouver Is Awesome
A Fraser Valley Farm will host a butterfly release on the summer solstice to symbolize renewal and hope in the wake of the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic…


How to use astrology to find your signature scent
Whether you’re a nature-loving Taurus or passionate Scorpio, consider looking to the stars to discover your next fragrance…

Shinto News


Graffiti targeting Wuhan residents over virus found at Yasukuni shrine
Kyodo News
Graffiti directing threats at residents of Wuhan, the epicenter of China’s coronavirus outbreak, has been found in a public restroom at the war-linked Yasukuni shrine in Tokyo, police said Tuesday…

Touch sensor technology helps tourists in Japan visit Shinto shrines respectfully
Kiosk Marketplace
Digital signage system supplier, Hyojito, which provides public information and wayfinding solutions for the Japanese mass transit sector and other municipal spaces, has installed interactive touchscreens in Shinto shrines in Japan…

Centara breaks ground in Osaka
TTR Weekly
Centara Hotels & Resorts together with Taisei Corporation and Kanden Realty & Development, completed the official groundbreaking ceremony and sake dedication, known as “jichinsai”, to mark the beginning of construction of the 34-storey Centara Grand Hotel Osaka…

Diving into misogi, the ancient Japanese ritual of waterfall bathing
National Geographic
Whether you’re a believer or not, the Shinto ritual of waterfall bathing offers a chance to reset — and immerse yourself in the spiritual beauty of Japan’s mountains…

Japan Looks to Emperor Naruhito for Message of Hope in Difficult Times
Japan Forward
It’s been quite the unusual year, especially for the newly-enthroned Emperor of Japan, who ascended the Chrysanthemum throne on May 1, 2019, starting the new Japanese era, Reiwa…

Other News

Egyptian pyramids really were aligned with the compass points
New Scientist
Certain ancient Egyptian temples and tombs were indeed oriented towards certain regions of the sky, according to a new analysis…

Ancient Egyptian ‘city of the dead’ discovery reveals ‘elite’ mummies, jars filled with organs and mystery snake cult
The Sun
Rare footage of an Ancient Egyptian ‘funeral home’ has been released by National Geographic…

Egypt: The business of mummification
Ahram Online
New studies show that mummification was not only an ancient Egyptian religious ritual, but a significant business proposition as well…

Ireland: Ancient Derry – the ritual year
Derry Journal
The druids worshiped their pagan gods and looked south to Tara in the River Boyne valley with its many deities, seat of the High King or tribal emperor of Ireland…

US: Ancient astronomers of the Colorado Plateau and how they aligned their buildings
Deseret News
Many of the structures built by Ancestral Puebloans at Chaco Canyon, in New Mexico, are astronomically aligned…

When women in Scotland were cut on the forehead in the belief they were witches
The Scotsman
William Grant, a fisherman from Portmahomack in Easter Ross, ended up in court in July 1845 for the assault against the wife of a fellow seaman…

India: Bihar women accused of witchcraft, forced to drink urine, eat excreta as village watched
The Print
Social distancing in times of Covid took on a new meaning for three women from a Bihar village when no one offered help as they were stripped semi-naked, tonsured, and forced to consume urine and human excreta by a mob that suspected them of practising black magic…


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