Pagan & Shinto News: Prominent Wiccan Frederic Lamond Dies

Pagan & Shinto News: Prominent Wiccan Frederic Lamond Dies May 31, 2020

Top stories in Paganism and Shinto this week:

  • Prominent Wiccan Frederic Lamond dies
  • US: Hellenic polytheist runs for re-election on city council
  • Australia: Mining company blows up 46,000-year-old Aboriginal sacred caves

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Left: Cover of Fifty Years of Wicca, by the late Frederic Lamond, Amazon ( Centre: Cara Schulz, Right: Ancient Aboriginal rock painting of a wallaby in Kakadu National Park in Northern Australia (illustrative purposes only), PanBK / CC BY-SA.

Pagan News

Austria: Prominent Wiccan Frederic Lamond dies
The Jerusalem Post
Frederic Lamond,  the longest practicing Wiccan in the world according to The Jerusalem Post, died on May 24 aged 89…

US: Hellenic polytheist runs for re-election on city council
The Wild Hunt
Schulz is a U.S. Air Force veteran who served in the first Gulf War and first won a seat on the Burnsville City Council in 2016. She identifies as a practitioner of Hellenismos or Hellenic Polytheism…

UK: Stonehenge with no crowds? Big changes planned for reopening
The Guardian
Nature has reclaimed Stonehenge, English Heritage has revealed, with a family of hares nesting and deer nibbling the grass around the standing stones…

UK: ‘Please don’t visit Glastonbury until it is safe – including the Summer Solstice’
Somerset County Gazette
Festivals and events in the region have been cancelled for the coming months and fans of the town are asked not to visit, in particular for the traditional Summer Solstice celebration in June, in order to protect the community…

Employees of Renaissance fairs and Pagan festivals are turning to the internet as their unique economy is decimated by coronavirus
Pagan festivals are another seasonal pastime that, like Ren fairs, attract loyal attendees and have many hardworking, committed performers, presenters and vendors who plan their year around these events…

Canada: Pagan musicians share glimpses of their daily lives in Project Unity
The Wild Hunt
From the Canadian Maritimes, Project Unity traveled out into the atmosphere, through wavelengths and into people’s homes. Pagan musicians from around the globe shared clips as a glimpse into their daily lives during the pandemic, adding to the streaming messages of hope that have been circulated worldwide…

The magic of birthday candles in simple spells & witchcraft
Patheos Pagan: Astrea
Birthday candles are quite handy when it comes to spellwork. These often-overlooked candles could be the perfect ingredient for your spells and witchcraft…

Shinto News

Japan: Religious circles embrace online rituals, services
Religious circles in Japan have started using the internet to organize rituals, services and other events online amid the novel coronavirus crisis, which has forced the downsizing or cancellation of such events that offer something to believe in…

Japan: Emperor plants rice at Imperial Palace
NHK World
Japan’s Emperor Naruhito has planted rice seedlings in a paddy at the Imperial Palace in an annual tradition started by his grandfather, Emperor Showa…

Japanese bookstore releases new range of shrine stamp albums
Village Vanguard’s goshuincho collection has a very traditional Japanese look mixed in with a retro feel…

How a beheaded samurai cursed the 2020 Olympics
The Telegraph
On some of the world’s most expensive real estate – flanked by Japan’s Imperial Palace and skyscrapers home to Fortune 500 companies – Tokyo authorities have dedicated a big parcel of land to a severed head…

People turn to legendary Japanese bird in hope of end to pandemic
Kyodo News
A mysterious two-headed bird depicted in a Japanese diary dating from more than a century ago has caught the attention of people yearning for an end to the novel coronavirus pandemic, with its image going viral online and inspiring merchandise from rice crackers to T-shirts…

Getting to Noh: Myths of Japanese Minimalism
The Shinto shrine known as Nikkō Tōshō-gū is located in the mountains two hours north of Tokyo…

Other News

Australia: Mining company blows up 46,000-year-old Aboriginal sacred caves
IFL Science
A 46,000-year-old sacred Aboriginal site in Western Australia has just been obliterated to make way for further iron ore mining in the area…

2,300-year-old anchor dedicated to Aphrodite salvaged from the Sicilian seabed
Mail Online
The lead weight is through to be around 2,300 years old and has a dolphin symbol inscribed on one of its arms…

UK: Anger at ‘disgusting’ eBay listing for ‘mummified witch’s cat’ used for rituals
The cat, said to have been used to ward off harm at a 16th Century cottage, has been listed with a £640 price tag by a seller in Coventry, West Midlands…

UK: Traffic order in place on A303 near Stonehenge
Salisbury Journal
A temporary traffic order has been put in place on the A303, in a bid to prevent drivers from stopping to take pictures of Stonehenge…

Egypt: Adam Henein—the Egyptian sculptor who spent a decade restoring the Great Sphinx—has died
The Art Newspaper
Rose Issa, curator and friend of the artist, shares the life story of one of the most important sculptors in the Arab world…

Haiti: Voodoo leaders prepare temples for coronavirus sufferers
Haiti’s voodoo leaders have trained priests of the Afro Caribbean religion to concoct a secret remedy for the novel coronavirus and to prepare the sacred initiation chambers of their temples to receive patients…

Tattooed Egyptian mummies offer lessons about body art then and now
St Louise Public Radio
Since her initial discovery in 2016, Anne Austin has studied more tattooed mummies…

Ancient Greek history held captive: What’s next for the Parthenon Sculptures?
Neos Kosmos
The recent re-opening of the Acropolis archaeological site has seen renewed calls by the Greek Culture Minister, Dr Lina Mendoni, for the return of the Parthenon Sculptures from the British Museum…

Argentina experienced a witch-hunt, but in the 20th century
Al Dia
In 1901, when Spiritualism, Theosophy, spiritualist magnetism and mesmerism were still widespread beliefs throughout the continent, an unprecedented judicial process was organized in Buenos Aires against the witches acting in the Argentine capital…

Irish women on trial for witchcraft
Irish Central
Witches? Or some of Ireland’s most powerful and notorious women simply victims of their own success?…

Is the Celtic symbol for new beginnings entirely made up?
Irish Central
People are getting a tattoo of a supposedly ancient Celtic symbol for new beginnings, and it seems that it isn’t real…

Nigeria: Three Chiefs, women set ablaze in Cross River over allegations of witchcraft
Daily Post
Three Chiefs and others have been burnt in Oku community, Boki Local Government Area, Cross River State over allegations of witchcraft…

Nigeria: Man burnt to death in Jigawa over allegation of witchcraft
Daily Post
Police in Jigawa State has confirmed the killing of Isah Umara of Baturiya Village in Kirikasamma Local Government Area of the state…

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