Pagan & Shinto News: Pagans Respond To Killing Of George Floyd

Pagan & Shinto News: Pagans Respond To Killing Of George Floyd June 7, 2020

Top stories in Paganism and Shinto this week:

  • Pagans respond to killing of George Floyd
  • UK: Ancient Peak District stone circle damaged by campfires
  • UK: Memorial to Irvine ‘witch’ trial victims revealed

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Left: Memorial for George Floyd in Minneapolis, Lorie Shaull / CC BY-SA (Cropped). Centre: Doll Tor stone circle, Elfmeterschiessen / CC BY-SA. Right: The North Berwick witches from a contemporary pamphlet, Newes From Scotland, public domain.

Pagan News

Pagans respond to killing of George Floyd
The Wild Hunt
A number of Pagan groups and organizations released statements condemning violent police actions and in support of equality, communities, and people of color…

TikTok witches are casting protection spells on protesters, hexing police
Daily Dot
Utilizing the #witchesforblm hashtag, practicing witches are teaching one another how to cast spells, draw sigils, and manifest intentions…

Wake Up Call – George Floyd and Living While Black in 2020
The Wild Hunt
The climactic symbol of the long-overdue change that needs to happen on a human level rests in the murder of George Floyd…

A witch’s sevenfold waning moon spell for magical resistance

Patheos Pagan: Laura Tempest Zakroff
When it comes to Witches doing Magical Resistance work, the important thing is to keep working – past the big blasts and news awareness and into the quieter moments…

Astrologers respond to “Will coronavirus kill astrology?”
The Wild Hunt
On May 9, 2020, The New York Times published “Will Coronavirus Kill Astrology?” The article focused on the exuberant predictions of one astrologer, Susan Miller, for 2020…

UK: Solstice security tightened in Avebury
Wiltshire Times
Avebury residents have pressured Wiltshire Council into agreeing for stricter security measures around Summer Solstice…

Shinto News

Fireworks explode across Japan to cheer up virus-weary public
“Historically fireworks in Japan have been launched to pray for the eradication of plagues and to console the spirits of the deceased,” Tokyo craftsman Kouhei Ogatsu, 38, told AFP…

Other News

UK: Ancient Peak District stone circle damaged by campfires
“Serious” damage to a scheduled ancient monument in Derbyshire is being investigated by police…

UK: Memorial to Irvine ‘witch’ trial victims revealed
Irvine Times
The site of a memorial to all the Irvine women tortured and killed accused of witchcraft has been revealed – after its creator tried to trace her artwork years later…

Highways England starts search for archaeological specialists for Stonehenge tunnel
Traffic Technology Today
Highways England is today (1 June 2020) launching its search to find archaeological specialists to carry out excavation work ahead of the A303 Amesbury to Berwick Down upgrade past Stonehenge…

In 21st-century Korea, shamanism is not only thriving — but evolving

Artist Jorge Mañes Rubio travels to Seoul, Korea, to learn about the city’s primarily female shamans and their vital role in contemporary urban life…

Malawian villagers murder three people after ‘witchcraft’ allegations
Three people, including a 56-year-old headman, were killed in the Dowa district of Malawi after being accused of witchcraft, local media reported…

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