A Witch’s Sevenfold Waning Moon Spell for Magical Resistance

A Witch’s Sevenfold Waning Moon Spell for Magical Resistance June 6, 2020

When it comes to Witches doing Magical Resistance work, the important thing is to keep working – past the big blasts and news awareness and into the quieter moments. Because injustice never rests.  A little work each day can make as big a difference – if not more – in the long run. The Sevenfold Waning Moon Spell is designed to help with that work.

Lots of folks tend to turn to the Full Moon for spellcasting, but every aspect of the lunar cycle can be utilized. The Waning Moon is an excellent time to work banishings, cleansings, and other workings focusing on diminishing or eroding issues.  The following is a working designed to align with the waning moon. (At the time of the publishing of this post, it is set to begin on June 7th and work through the 21st, but can be continually utilized for waning moons to come throughout the year.)

The Sevenfold Waning Moon Spell is a magical resistance working designed to aid in breaking down and banishing systemic racism and destroying white supremacy that feeds it. Every symbol part of the spell centers on a different aspect to be addressed and broken down. The spell is also designed to be flexible in terms of timing and application, so you can adapt it to fit your personal practice. Be sure to read through all of the instructions first – ahead of time so you can plan appropriately.

Starting on June 7th (7pm local if you’d like a specific time to begin) and continuing to June 21st:
1) Take a candle long enough that you can mark out 7 sections on it. This can be a tall 7-day candle in a glass jar, a tall or short taper. Suggested color is white or yellow for clarity, cleansing, and justice (and contrast for the marks) but use what you have or feel inspired to use.  With glass, you can paint or write on the holder with a permanent marker (black or purple for recommended light-colored candles, you can use gold, yellow, or silver for dark candles). With a taper, you can carve or write on it. If you’re completely out of tall candles, you can use 7 tea lights. (You will repeat this for the second week as well, so you’ll technically need at least two tall candles or 14 votives). Basically, use what you have.

Example of tall white votive candle with symbols drawn in black marker.

2) If your candle is wide enough at the top, draw a waning crescent on it around the wick. If your candle isn’t wide enough, you could draw the waning moon on the bottom, on the taper holder, or on a piece of paper or fabric and set it safely underneath. Then down the side of the candle, you will draw the 7 symbols. You can choose to draw them all at once so you can see how long to burn the candle each evening, or you can draw the next symbol each night to get a fresh focus. With tealights, you can draw the waning moon on the bottom of each holder, and the symbol on top. (Allow each tea light to burn out completely.)

3) As you light the candle, focus on what that symbol represents. If you work with a specific deity, spirit, or ancestor, you may call upon them to aid you in the task.  Such as “X, I call upon you and the powers of the Waning Moon to aid me in {the focus}, may it be so.” The focus is more important than words, so if you’re inspired, you can sing, chant, dance – whatever is your preferred form of raising energy and guiding will in your practice. Allow the candle to burn through or past each symbol per evening.

4) The goal is to focus on one symbol each day for 14 days – basically the length of time from the Full Moon to the New Moon. So one tall candle per week (or one tea light per day). If you’re unable to do this every day, then you can do the working on the 7th, 14th, and the 21st – using the combined sigil (see below), burning a whole candle each time.

The 7 symbols (with waning moon)
Combined Sevenfold Sigil

The Symbols:

  • “(“ – Waning Moon
  • “X” – To end police brutality and violence
  • “*” – To erode ignorance and the misinformation that feeds racism
  • open eye – To remove protections that enable those that seek to harm and open blind eyes to their true actions so that true reform can happen
  • parallel wavy lines – To remove the bureaucracy that creates/upholds unjust laws
  • broken diamond with dots – Cut off money that supports systemic racism and redistribute to community building
  • 5 pointed star – To end blockages towards community advancement and growth
  • downward arrow – Destroy white supremacy

Two graphics are included with this spell. One is the line of 8 symbols (7+ the waning moon) so that you can reference each easily. The second is a combined sigil that incorporates all of the symbols into one if you can only do the working 3 times.  You can print out the images and paste them on a candle, but I still recommend tracing/drawing over the symbols or sigil so you can really connect with it.

Why Sevenfold?

7 is the number of the Chariot in the Major Arcana of the Tarot – signifying forward momentum, conquest and triumph over enemies, and manifesting balance. Also, a lunar month is 28 days, so this working is set for two weeks (half a lunar month), or the beginning, middle, and end of the waning moon period (7th, 14th, and 21st).  Also, the Tower card is 16, or 1+6 = 7.

How Does This Spell Work?

As with any spell, magic starts with thought. It helps turn attention to the crucial issues that need to be addressed. This working helps to direct focus and energy to what needs to be done – but it is not the only action you should be taking. As always, metaphysical action needs to be followed up with mundane or physical action: supporting local and national groups and organizations actively working for change, be invested and active in your local government, be registered to vote and encourage others to get out as well for EVERY election, and follow the guidance of community leaders.

Are there any suggested deities or spirits I should work with?

If you already work with deities or spirits, I recommend starting there. If you don’t work with any currently, then focus on the divine presence within yourself , or call upon all of our common ancestors, or connect with the Mighty Dead (inspiring humans have crossed over) who are associated with social justice. Do your research though before calling upon any spirit or deity you’ve never worked with before, and introduce yourself prior to this working.

Can I add other elements to this spell?

Yes, if you want to dress the candle in other ways (oils, herbs, other images) – do what you feel called to do, as long as it’s in line with the overall focus. This spell can be a foundation for a larger working/ritual, or it can stand completely on its own. Embellishments are up to the individual Witch, magical practitioner, or coven.

I just found out about this, and I want to join in, but it’s already going! What do I do?

You can either wait until the next 7 day cycle to start, or start working through the symbols in a single sitting until you catch up. It’s Witchcraft, not baking a cake.

Is this like a curse?

Is taking an antibiotic when you’re sick or clearing out noxious weeds so your garden can grow better a curse? No. This is about building a better society for EVERYONE to live in.  This is about human rights. We’re working to reduce the disease present in our society.

I still don’t understand what this is for?



have added a handy chart that’s easier for viewing on your phone.

Thank you Witches.



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