The Magic Of Birthday Candles In Simple Spells & Witchcraft

The Magic Of Birthday Candles In Simple Spells & Witchcraft May 26, 2020

Birthday candles are quite handy when it comes to spellwork.  These often-overlooked candles could be the perfect ingredient for your spells and witchcraft.

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Many spells call for chime candles or tea lights, but if your magic is in accordance with the correspondences of birthday candles, they might be a better fit.  Here are some of the ways you can use the energy of these special candles in your magic.

Wishing Spells

Thanks to kiddie witchcraft, we’re all familiar with making a wish with birthday candles.  Simply place a few candles into into a cake or pie, light them up, sing a song to raise energy, make a wish, and blow them out.  Eating the cake seals in the wish with good energy.

Quick Spells or Simple Magics

With their fast burn time, birthday candles give the satisfaction of having your work done sooner.  You can focus on your work for the entire time the candle burns.  Some good examples of this include envisioning something or practicing a little shadow work.

magic of birthday candles witchcraft pagan spells magic magick

Magical Work That Calls For Small Fire

Birthday candles have a small flame compared to a chime candle or even a tealight.  This reduced amount of fire might be appropriate for certain kinds of magical work where you don’t want to have too much fire in the mix.  For example, in reconciliation magic, a little steady flame might be okay, but using a candle with a bigger flame might incite tempers to flare up.  Look at the height and perspective of your other magical correspondences to see if it’s a good fit.


It’s less expensive to use ten birthday candles compared to ten chime candles.  You can use as many birthday candles as you want to represent a special number for your spell.  For example, use three candles to represent the numerical essence of three (the mind, creativity, optimism, etc) and bring more of that energy into your life.

Of course, you can also use only one candle to represent you.

Shapes and Sigils

With as inexpensive as birthday candles are, you can easily use several to create a shape or a sigil.  This can create a dazzling image that you can meditate on or do spellwork with as long as they last.

Community Magic

Traditionally, several birthday candles are used at the same time.  This gives the appearance of many small flames dancing together.  This is a great way to represent one’s community work, with each candle representing a member of the community.

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Blow Out Your Fire/Rage

You can channel your inner fire and rage with a lit candle and then consciously, blow it out.  A birthday candle is perfect for this–with its slim shape, you can light it and blow it out without fear of the candle creating a heat tunnel.  The wicks were made for that purpose.  It also lets you keep your chime and taper candles untainted by your anger.

A Little Love Magic

Burning two birthday candles together is a beautiful way to fuse energies together for a short amount of time.  This “little love” magic could be good for meeting someone or if you’re looking for a short experience, as in a vacation romance or a one-night stand.

Celebrating Accomplishments

There’s nothing like the magical light of a birthday candle to help you celebrate accomplishments.  In many ways, their primary use on birthday cakes celebrates the fact that you survived another year.  I recently used them to celebrate the publication of Intuitive Witchcraft.  They certainly do make for a special moment.

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Magic to Regain Innocence

If you associate birthday candles with childhood and an innocent time in your life, use them in your magic and recall those times.  Their energy can fill you with hope and happiness.


When working with birthday candles, you’ll need to place them into something (unless you plan to hold them).  If you’re not going to use cake or pie, a little pot of dirt will do the trick.

Birthday candles can be dressed with oils and herbs if you wish–just keep them separate from the ones you’d put on a cake.

I hope you are well!  Stay safe.

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