Aries Witch: Book Review: The Start of a Wonderful Series

Aries Witch: Book Review: The Start of a Wonderful Series June 24, 2023

I recently had the opportunity to read Aries Witch by Ivo Dominguez Jr. and Diotima Mantineia, and I absolutely love it. It’s the first book in a Llewellyn series that is sure to become a must-have for astrological witches.

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Photo of Aries Witch by the author, alongside the Fyodor Pavlov tarot, which I’m using at the same time

Ivo Dominguez Jr. is a knowledgeable Sagirrarian astrologer and author. He brings insights, zodiac-based magick, correspondences, and traditional astrological information such as moon signs and rising signs that provide some of the structure of Aries Witch. He is also the main author of the rest of the zodiac sign books in the series. His insights are profound, and I began to see the other astrological impacts that are at play with my Aries friends.

Diotima Mantineia is an Aries astrologer who delves into many of the personal or internal ways in which Aries operates. Her magickal practices in the book are among my favorite parts, and I can see my Aries friends appreciating them greatly. My favorite sections of hers include:

  • What Sets An Aries Off and How to Recover,
  • My Most Aries Witch Moment, and
  • Recharging and Self-Care: When the Fire Has Fizzled.

These are definitely Aries topics! Reading them helped me understand the internal workings of Aries and why they head-butt things or explode in anger.

I really appreciate the insights given by the passage authors too. What’s not to love about a bunch of Aries writing about their strengths, weaknesses, and magickal practices to help them live their best life?

Aries Witch encourages Aries to shine but to temper their flames and not explode into fiery rage balls. As a Libra myself, I wasn’t sure what I could learn from this book. I purchased it from a desire to understand my opposite sign.

However, as Ivo Domingues Jr points out in the book, everyone has all parts of the zodiac wheel in their charts. Some parts are more activated than others. This helped me better understand the astrological house where Aries is located in my natal chart.

I believe that anyone who wants to be an Aries Witch or understand this sign better will love this book. It’s the first of what’s sure to be an epic series of books, and I highly recommend it, no matter what your zodiac sign is.

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Disclaimer: I have a short passage in the Libra Witch book about reconnecting to your sensual nature, but I purchased this book from Goddess Isis Bookstore in Denver to read and give to a special Aries friend. After reading it, I’m certain she’ll love it. 

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