How To Write A Spell Or A Ritual: A Basic Formula For Magic

How To Write A Spell Or A Ritual: A Basic Formula For Magic February 9, 2021

After studying countless spells and rituals, I determined that they generally have the same formula.  You can literally fill in the blanks to create your own intuitive magic.  It’s incredibly easy.  Here’s how to write a spell or a ritual.

how to write a spell intuitive witchcraft basic formula for spells and rituals and magic fill in the blanks personal correspondences magick witch book by astrea taylor
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I’ve been following this system for years.  It’s so easy to choose a few things according to my intuition, then plug and play.  Best of all, this formula works.  I don’t claim to have invented this, but I’ve never seen it “spelled” out so simply before.

So, get out your magical journal or book of shadows, and let’s get to work.  I recommend writing everything down before using the formula, but only until it becomes secondhand.

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This is the basic formula for how to write a spell from my book, Intuitive Witchcraft.  For a free, higher resolution photo you can print and add to your book of shadows, visit the intuitive witchcraft web page.

Please do your due diligence and research the negative possibilities of love spells for a specific person and baneful magic such as hexing.  You can research them on the internet or read about them in Intuitive Witchcraft.  

1. Set Your Will

To set your will, you’ll have to choose an intention.  What do you want?  It should be stated positively and in the current tense.  For example, a spell to become smarter wouldn’t be, “I’m not dumb,” or “I don’t make dumb mistakes anymore.”  Better choices include, “I’m intelligent,” or “I make smart choices.”

Your intention should also be in the present tense.  Don’t use, “I will be smart” or “Someday I’ll be able to talk better.”  Instead, say, “I am smart.  I speak eloquently.”

Be specific, but not too specific (as the old witch adage goes).  This is good advice.  You wouldn’t want to limit your magic.

You can also set a goal–if so, it should be one that you can measure.. You should be able to know whether you attain or not.  A couple of examples could be getting an A on your paper, passing a course, or writing a book.

how to write a spell intuitive witchcraft basic formula for spells and rituals and magic fill in the blanks personal correspondences magick book by astrea taylor
How to write a spell. Courtesy of Pxhuel

2. Choose Correspondences That Align With Your Goal

Use your intuition to feel which correspondences align with your will.  Go through your crystals, herbs and spices, candles, and anything else you might want to use in your magic.  Feel the energy of each item and how they make you feel.

Using the “smarter” example, feel which correspondences make you feel smarter.  For example, you may conclude that mint, citrine, and sunlight all stimulate your mind and help you think.  If so, write them down.  You’ll be using them in your magical work.

Choose other correspondences for your magic.  This could include school books, pens, laptop, or an outline.  You could also use yourself here if your magic will affect you.  For example, your mind.

3. Decide How To Raise Energy

You’ll need to raise energy in some manner to change your situation.  Check the formula to see a list of options.  Although you could raise energy in many ways, it should relate to the energy you seek.

Using the “smarter” intention, you could watch a graduation speech online, pretend you’re in the audience of people graduating, and bring some of that exciting energy into your mind.  Or, you could meditate on how it would feel to accomplish your goal and take big breaths to exalt your mind into the ecstatic realms.  You could envision a big A+ on your paper while dancing.

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4. Decide Upon A Magical Action

A magical action is any action that may seem mundane, but when performed when you’re in a higher state of mind, it can change the energies at hand.  Cutting something at a higher frequency becomes more than splitting something–it becomes a severing of the energy.  Washing something becomes a complete removal of the energy of the past.  It’s the same action, but with a much deeper meaning because you’re in a much higher energetic state.

Check out the intuitive witchcraft formula to see if any of the magical actions apply to your will.  If you don’t see one you like, you can choose something else that relates to your will.

One of the most common magical actions is combining ingredients.  That would work for our smarter spell.  So, after raising energy, you could combine your correspondences of mint, citrine, books, pens, laptop, outline, and your mind together, and bless them in sunlight while reciting your intention.  This would combine the energies and bless them all with the powers of intelligence.

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5. Work Your Magic

Using the spell or ritual you’ve written down, gather all of your materials and go to the appropriate place.  Raise the energy and build it up until you reach a maximum point.  When the energy reaches a peak, perform the magical action.  I like to recite my intention again at this point, but it’s up to you.

When the magical work is done, release it into the world with gratitude.  Smile and feel certain that it will be done.

6. Follow Up

Write down your spell or ritual in your book of shadows, as well as any variations you took.  For instance, if you called upon Hermes, but that wasn’t in your book, add it.  You never know when you might want to go back and re-read what you did that was so successful.

In the following days and weeks, do the work needed to make good things happen.  This is important because it’ll attract the successful energy you’re seeking, since energy follows the path of least resistance.  Again, using the smarter will example, study, write, research, or do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals.

* * *

I hope this article helped you learn more about how to write a spell or a ritual.  I often tell people that this doesn’t have to be complicated.   This could take you only a minute to do all of this, or it could take several hours, if that’s what you want.  It’s all up to you.  You’re designing your own magic, so it can be whatever suits you best.  Please also remember that your witchcraft is valid, however you practice it.  This kind of practice really helps with witch imposter syndrome, especially when you start to see your successes.

If you want more tips and tricks about making your own magic, check out the Intuitive Witchcraft episodes on Witch With Me TV.   In this week’s video, I  discuss using your intuition with correspondences.  It’s a bit more in-depth than I went into in this article.  Enjoy!

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