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I’m a polytheistic pagan witch with two humongous cats and a musician husband. Although I’ve been involved in several circles over the past two decades, I’m more of a solitary practitioner. Check out my web page for information about my workshops, books, events, and past events at various pagan and witch gatherings.

Join me in the ever evolving spiral of spirituality, authenticity, and depth, as we celebrate the wheel of the year, moon cycles, and pagan pop culture.

You can follow my Facebook page “Starlight Witch” to see all my blog posts. For extra special witchy, artsy, and personal content, check out my Instagram and Twitter.

I’m the co-creator of the Blessed Be Box — offering a ‘ritual in a box’ for every solstice, equinox, and cross quarter day!  Our beautiful and inspiring boxes will contain all the materials you’ll need to create a meaningful and spiritual holiday experience. I also create products at Society6.

Fun facts — I’m a fiction writer, fire dancer, and I love wearing costumes and fantasy makeup. I’ve been known to wear elf ears from time to time, too.

Photo copyright Scott Stolsenberg. 

I’m the third from the left, standing up with the fire crown. Photo by Kimmi Lynn, all rights reserved.

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