Muse Magick: The Creative Spirit & Ritualizing Your Art

Muse Magick: The Creative Spirit & Ritualizing Your Art June 30, 2023

The creative spirits are alive and well! They have inspired artists since the time of ancient civilizations, and they continue to give their energy, ideas, and magick to modern creative people. Are you unsure about the creative spirit? Read on for a few tips and tricks on how to engage with it.

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Spirit work comes easily to many witches and magicians, and it’s easy to adapt a magickal practice of rituals to become art rituals. Simply call upon the creative spirit, use what I call “creative correspondences,” enter a trance, and allow the spirit to assist you in your art.

I have a creative spirit–a companion that inspires me in my art. He gives me ideas, words, energy, and so much inspiration. Working with him helped me finish my first book ever, and he continues to give me ideas that grow beyond my wildest dreams.

Since those early days of creativity, my magickal practice with my creative spirit has grown, as have my accomplishments. When I realized that there wasn’t a book written about the creative spirit and how to ritualize your art, I decided to write one. And, in 2020, I signed a contract for Inspiring Creativity Through Magick.

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Inspiring Creativity Through Magick by Astrea Taylor, Llewellyn 2023

The creative spirit has been called many different things over the years, such as the muse, the genius, the duende, the crossroads spirit, deities, angels, daemons, and many more names. I use the term “creative spirit” because it exists outside of time and historical definitions.

I believe everyone has the ability to be creative and to engage with the creative spirit, even if you’re not sure if you’re a creative person. Here are my tips.

  1. Cleanse Your Workplace and Yourself

Just as we cleanse before rituals, we should cleanse before making art with the creative spirit. This releases the stagnant energy, removes spirits who aren’t helpful, freshens up the energy, and lets you begin with a clear mind. Besides, you don’t want to smell something that could distract you from your process.

2. Use Creative Correspondences

What items or conditions help you create? Is it a hunk of amethyst, a glass of lemonade, Baroque classical music, and a sunny day? Or do you prefer springs of rosemary, black coffee, a purple candle, a fun podcast, and snowy weather?

Everything has energy, and these items and conditions can help you dial in the right energy for your creativity.

3. Call Upon The Creative Spirit

this practice was apparently helpful to Homer and Hesiod, and it’s still used to this day. Why not take advantage of the tradition?

4. Enter a Trance State of Mind and Enter the Flow State

The best way to do that is to enter a trance state of mind. This will be familiar to anyone who practices meditation or practices ceremonial magick. It involves changing the breath to reach a still point. Music helps, as does comfortable clothing and no disturbances.

5. Practice Good Spirit Housekeeping

Before attempting to engage with the creative spirit, I highly recommend having a working knowledge of how to communicate with spirits to determine if they’re beneficial or not. You should also know how to banish spirits who don’t have your best interests at heart. My book has a section about that so you can remain safe.

Check out my video from LlewellynCon for more tips and tricks.

You can also engage with the egregore of your art–the energetic/psychic thought form of it. This spirit can tell you what’s missing and give you suggestions about what you can do next. My book has a special meditation for meeting the egregore and engaging with its energy.

I have so many more tips and tricks in my book Inspiring Creativity Through Magick, which is published through Llewellyn Worldwide. You can pick it up through any of the links, or request it at your favorite bookstore.

Thanks for reading, and happy creating!

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Astrea Taylor is the author of Inspiring Creativity Through Magick, Intuitive Witchcraft, Air Magic, and Modern Witchcraft with the Greek Gods. You can read more about the author here.
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