Use Your Magic: Go Beyond What You Thought Were Your Limits

Use Your Magic: Go Beyond What You Thought Were Your Limits March 11, 2020

A lot of people think their magic can only solve their spiritual or personal problems.  That’s far from the truth.  While magic is good for goals like awareness and growth, it’s also good for mundane problems too.

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A lot of people want solutions to their everyday problems, but they often don’t use magic to make the change.

For example, if a situation bothers you, you have a few options.  You could do nothing and just see what happens.  You could talk with the people involved and see where that leads you.  You could use wishcraft to hope for a solution while maintaining your energy, usually at a high cost.

Or you can do witchcraft and magic to make the change.

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A lot of people are afraid to do any magic at all when it comes to other people.

Complaining is often the first sign that someone has a problem and is searching for an answer.  While there’s nothing wrong with complaining, for many, it’s a tactic used to procrastinate solving their problems.  It also shifts the power to someone else and perpetuates a victim mentality.

The good news is you can use those negative emotions in your magic to actually solve your problems.  You have the power.  Why wouldn’t you use it?

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I blame the “rule of three” for many people’s hesitations to get involved.  This belief of returned energy threefold is something that many witches believe in, but many also do not believe in it.  Many feel that if people are messing with your energy, you can mess with theirs.

And while it’s good advice for a new witch to keep your magic personal, it which severely limits the kind of magic you can do.  A lot of people get stuck there.  They never branch out to solve other problems outside of those in their personal and spiritual life.

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If you’re afraid of working magic to make changes outside of your own sphere because you’re afraid of harming others, there’s another way you can think of it.  Your magic doesn’t have to be harmful.  What if your magic worked out for the best of all people involved?  What if everyone got what they wanted in life?

Dig deep into your thinking about the false limits on your magic.  What’s really possible?

Once you see the actual limits on your magic, work some magic for a solution and see what happens.  You might be surprised to find how powerful you actually are.

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