Intuitive Witchcraft: Book Introduction And Early Reviews

Intuitive Witchcraft: Book Introduction And Early Reviews March 18, 2020

You might find something to love about Intuitive Witchcraft: How to Use Intuition to Elevate Your Practice, my forthcoming book through Llewellyn Worldwide.  There’s something in it for everyone, whether you’re a beginner just starting on their spiritual path, if you’re curious about intuition and witchcraft, or if you want to breathe new life into your spiritual practice.

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Intuitive witchcraft is a variation of eclectic witchcraft, like hedge witchcraft and kitchen witchery.  However, intuitive witches are different in that we rely solely on a honed skill set of intuitive practices that are based in energy awareness. 

These practices help create a foundation for growth that’s missing in some eclectic practices.  The result is a grounded and wise witchcraft that evolves deeply and beautifully.

Intuitive witchcraft is all about creating a meaningful spirituality that honors our unique souls.  It’s a spiritual lifestyle that celebrates the truth of who we are and what we feel.  We work with different energies—our own, that of the material world, and that of the immaterial worlds.  With that wisdom, we draw from deep within and cast our will and purpose out into the world.
Because intuitive witchcraft is a traditionless craft, there are no rules or authority figures.  There are, however, a few tenets to live by that illuminate the basics:
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The first tenet of intuitive witchcraft is you are intuitive: know your intuition, and to your intuition be true. 

This is an adaptation of phrases from the Oracle at Delphi (“know thyself )” and Shakespeare’s Hamlet (“to thine own self be true”) combined with intuition.  Even though these are old phrases, they’re still relevant in our modern day because they’re the foundations for anyone seeking to live with integrity.

Intuition is the best method to know one’s self, but it can get lost in the shuffle or overpowered from time to time. It’s important to know how you really feel and honor it.  When we live our lives in accordance with this tenet, we have true strength and power.  By knowing and honoring our intuition, we create spiritual lives worth living.

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The second tenet of intuitive witchcraft is you are energy: seek understanding, balance, and alignment of your own energy. 

Everything in the universe is made of energy, including ourselves. We can use our intuition to sense the energy within and around us.  Like ultraviolet rays of light, a lot of energy is invisible to our human senses.  That doesn’t make it nonexistent; it merely makes it more subtle.

Being sensitive to this more nebulous energy is one of the intuitive witch’s greatest strengths.  This is a strength that will be used throughout intuitive witchcraft.

The third tenet of intuitive witchcraft is you are magic: you have the ability to modify your energy and the energies around you through willpower. 

When you raise energy and combine it with your intuitive desires, you can effect change in the world.  Intuitive Witchcraft guides the seeker on how to create a spiritual practice based on their own intuition, energy, self-exploration, and applied magics.

The insights presented in the book are based on decades of study and experience. They illuminate difficult-to-grasp concepts and promote an understanding of the real self, how energy works, and how to use it for your own benefit and for the world around you.

There are also exercises which can help you become aware of your energy and the energies outside of you.  They reveal how you can create balance, draw energy from the earth and the cosmos, elevate your vibration, and align with your desires.

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Early Reviews for Intuitive Witchcraft

“Provides techniques for melding intuition and witchcraft in a way that is emotionally and spiritually satisfying.”

Publishers Weekly

“Magick can be found on nearly every page of Intuitive Witchcraft. This is an absolutely terrific book, full of heart, practical advice, and some of the best witchcraft to make the printed page in years. Whether you are a novice or an experienced practitioner you’ll find something to love in Taylor’s work.”

―Jason Mankey, author of Transformative Witchcraft and Raise the Horns blog

“This book has something useful for practitioners at every level.”

Alfred Willowhawk, author of Manifesting True Desires and host of the podcast Up Close and Personal

“Astrea shares how to explore the hidden forest of our intuitive spirits.  She offers clear and concise steps to not only deepen your intuition and hear it more clearly, but also develop a Witchcraft practice that matches who you are as an individual.  Astrea brings intuition to the forefront of Witchcraft.”

―Phoenix LeFae, author of What is Remembered Lives and The Witches Next Door blog

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If you liked what you read, consider pre-ordering — the paperback and e-book are currently on sale at Barnes & Noble and Amazon

If you’d like a signed first edition, check out the Etsy account

There’s also a one-time subscription box through The Blessed Be Box for a signed book, an essential oil blend, gemstone jewelry, and more. 

This article contains an edited portion of the introduction to Intuitive Witchcraft.  All text copyright Llewellyn Worldwide and Astrea Taylor. 

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