Want To Write A Book About Witchcraft? Here’s Why You Should

Want To Write A Book About Witchcraft? Here’s Why You Should November 18, 2019

One of the questions I’m asked a lot recently is, “Why would you write a book about Intuitive Witchcraft?”  These come from the people I went to grad school with, family, and strangers.

I’ve come up with a few answers for why I, or anyone, would want to write a pagan/witchcraft book.  I thought I’d share, just in case you want to write a book and people ask you the same questions.

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“Why write a book about witchcraft?”  Here’s why.

This Is What I Love

More than anything else, my favorite things to talk about are spirituality, magic, realizations, astrology, soul connections, aspirations, energy, and that vein of thinking.

Writing about this kind of stuff is only a little more difficult than talking about it.  I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to research a book about topics I love.  It’s the best work in the world because it doesn’t feel like work.

Books Are Magical

Reading a good book is like falling under a spell.  You enter the mind of the author, follow their enthusiasm, and find yourself transported into a magical realm.

Why wouldn’t anyone want to write a book?  It’s one of the best ways to share your vision with other people.

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This Is Who I Am

I was in the broom closet for a while when I didn’t feel safe in my red state, but in my heart, I’ve always known who I am.  Like many pagans and witches, I had young spiritual experiences.  Witchcraft, trance, and astral projection came naturally to me.  Choosing to be a witch made sense.

I’m also an author.  I write fictional books too.  Writing comes just as naturally to me, and it’s quite pleasurable.  Combine these two together, and it just makes sense for me to write a book on the topic.

Opinions, Opinions

After talking about these subjects and experiences for so long, I’ve discovered that I have many feelings about things.  This includes ideas like non-pagan bookstores should stock more witchy books, is ‘eclectic’ an outsider term?,  there’s a difference between witchcraft and wishcraft, and more.

Turns out, I’m not alone in these thoughts. Also, a lot of opinions makes writing a book easier.

“Write The Book You Wanted To Read”

I’m a modern eclectic pagan witch who bases my spirituality on intuition and respect.  I’ve never found a book that felt like my kind of practice, so I wrote Intuitive Witchcraft.  It’s all about my special/weird kind of spirituality.

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Intuitive Witchcraft, a Llewellyn book out April 8, 2020

If you haven’t found the book you always wanted to read, why not write it?

It’s Important To Share Stories

One of the most important things we witches and pagans can do is share our stories.  Magic is great, but if you take people’s spiritual experiences out of the magic, it all feels a little empty.

Stories ground us with each other in the present era.  They flavor magic with real experiences instead of just ingredients and spells with no context.  They make the gods come alive in today’s modern landscape instead of only their legends.

Teaching and Inspiration

Many of us wish we had spiritual teachers when we were younger.  In a way, writing a book is like being a teacher.  You lift other people up and help them with guidance.

Recently, people have reached out to me and told me that they were inspired by my writing.  Some mentioned that it helped them overcome witch imposter syndrome, and others said they fely better about their non-traditional witchcraft (which is not a crime).

After receiving these kinds of messages, I decided to boost these ideas and write it a book.

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Why Not?

Do you need another reason to write a book?  Why not just get started?

As someone who has completed several Nanowrimo competitions, I like to encourage everyone to write a book.  I love the fact that modern day paganism and witchcraft has a lot of voices.  I think we need even more.

Go ahead and get started!  I’ll have a post soon about how I organize and write, just in case the way I think helps you.

In the meantime, happy writing!

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