Easy Bath Magic To Release, Heal, And Recharge

Easy Bath Magic To Release, Heal, And Recharge September 25, 2019

Bath magic is a source of healing and inspiration for me.  By simply slipping into the warm waters, I’ve felt recharged, healed, and refreshed.  If you have a bathtub, you can easily have a magical aquatic experience in the privacy of your own home.  Baths don’t cost much, and the benefits are enormous.

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 There are two basic types of magical baths: absorbing and releasing.  Both are healing, and cleansing.  Either one can cleanse the practitioner before ritual, or they can seal in your intended energy after a ritual.

Absorbing/Recharging Baths

Absorbing baths let the bather take in energy.  They charge you with an intent, thought, or emotion.  They could be called “recharging baths” if the intent is to energize.

Ingredients: crystals or stones that can handle being immersed in water, non-toxic herbs, a little salt, and non-toxic essential oils that suit your needs.

To create an absorbing bath, draw the water, but don’t step in yet.  As the waters rise, imagine the energy you desire infusing the waters.  Place your hands over the waters and charge them with your intent.

Recite your intention or a spell out loud.  It doesn’t have to be extremely fancy–anything will do.  For example,

This bath will let me absorb the calm energy of lavender flowers and will ease my worries.

When you step into the bath, stir the bathwater clockwise around you and feel the energy soak into your body.  Draw the new energies inside of you and feel them wash away the old energies.  Soak in the feeling, meditating on higher vibrations.

Before you leave the bath, embrace yourself.  Draw all of the good energies int he bath inside of you until there are none left in the bathwater.  Feel the energy saturate your entire body.  When you towel off, you will carry the energy with you.

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Photo courtesy of Chris Goldberg, CC 2.0

Releasing Baths

Releasing baths are an excellent way to let go and banish negative energy.  Whether you want to release old habits, stagnant energy, or if you’re feeling stuck, a releasing bath can get you to a better place.

Ingredients: crystals or stones that can handle being immersed in water, herbs, essential oils, and other detoxifying ingredients such as epsom salt, sea salt, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, powdered clay, witch hazel, or activated charcoal.

Ask the waters to help you release your stuck energy and cleanse you. Step into the bath and stir the bathwater counterclockwise.  Imagine your body releasing the negative energy, like tea from a teabag.

If this imagery doesn’t work, imagine the bath neutralizing your negative energy.  Make some intuitive noises and move intuitively to really release the old energies.  State your intention, for example,

I release the stagnant energy from my body. I release the negativity and worry from my mind.

Repeat your intention until you feel an actual release.  Gently massage all parts of your body to help you release that energy.

When you’re ready, stand up and out of the bath.  Look at the bath water and what you’ve left behind.  When you’re truly ready to release it, pull the plug.  As you watch the waters swirl down the drain, feel it leave you energetically and travel far away.

General Bath Magic

Always set the mood in your bathroom with candles, music, oils, and incense.  Choose the color of your candle and your oils based on your mood and desire.  Use your intuition to choose loose herbs, or, brew strong herbal tea in a cup, and after it has steeped, pour it into your bath.

After magical baths, drink a big glass of water to encourage further movement of energy and integration.

Perhaps the most magical thing about baths is that they touch all parts of us–bodies, emotions, minds, and spirit.  I hope your baths are magical indeed.

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